3 Squares Café

(802) 877-2772

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Located in downtown Vergennes, 3 Squares Café is known for their dedication to cooking from scratch and generous portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner (because you work up a serious appetite from all that studying). Breakfast goes until 3 and they’re open 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week, so hit up the Café for a late weekend brunch or an evening study session. Oh, and did we mention the award-winning French toast? Enough said.

Come visit for Taqueria de 3 Squares Cafe every Thursday, Friday and, Saturday. This menu changes every 3-4 weeks and also offers some beer, specials for those of age. Check out the menu for this week here: http://www.3squarescafe.com/taqueria-menu.html. You can also see our Daily Specials on our site too!

Local and homemade baked goods and pastries, locally-roasted coffee, espresso, homemade soups, unique local retail products, and craft beer and wine selections all add up to an unbeatable culinary experience. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and meat-lover options are available, so everyone can find a favorite menu item.

Grab your friends or a book and drive to Vergennes (you can take the classic Route 7, or a more scenic Morgan Horse Farm Road/Green Street, or take the ACTR Tri-Town Shuttle). Walk around the quaint downtown, skip rocks in the river, and definitely pay a visit to the 3 Squares Café.

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