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19th Century Painting

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Professor: Hunisak J

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Easier (42.9%)

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Evaluation Comments for Hunisak J

  1. Hard work is needed for a good grade but thats the way it should be. He is hellava smart guy
  2. Hunisak is an interesting lecturer but hard grader on papers compared to other art history professors. I also agree with previous comments that too much of the grade is left for finals week.
  3. If you are more interested in the technicalities of course grading than in learning about art, maybe this course is not for you. Entirely in keeping with the study of art history, this class does indeed require the identification of hundreds of works of art. Artists, dates, location, etc. are the nuts and bolts of the entire discipline. I'm not concerned about how the difficulty of the course will affect my grade. I am trying to rise to the challenge of absorbing the material (and that's much more than simple slide identification). If you find Professor Hunisak too challenging, this course might not be your bag.
  4. The discussions were lively in class and the professor knew his material very well. After taking this class I decided that the art history department was for me. This person also suggested: More meetings with professor about final papers.
  5. Good course, good text, bad grading, bad distribution of assignments, bad grading distribution. Throughout the entire term, we've only had three mini exams. Each exam is worth 10% of the final grade. These exams consists of 20 slide id's and a short essay on comparing two works of arts. We've covered over 200 paintings and sculptures from different time periods. The class has been divided into three time periods and we must cover at least 30-50 paintings in each time period. The first exam I felt was fair because it tested us on the first time period we covered, yet, the other two exams were cumulative. In other words, there is an incredible amount of information considered fair game for the last two exams. There's only twenty id's and yet we must know over 100 paintings and sculptures , including their artist, date, and location. Further, there's only two weeks left in class and we have only been graded for 30% of our overall grade. We have completed 85% of the class and only 30% of our grade, doesn't make sense. This puts too much pressure on the last week of classes where we have a paper due, 35%, and a final cumulative exam, 35%. 70% of our grade decided in a span of a week and a half. This person also suggested: Evenly spread out the test and assignments and distribute the grading better.
  6. Its a good class but John Hunisak has very high expectations on the papers. not advisable for those who want to keep GPA high.
  7. BEWARE HUNISAK!!! he's a difficult man to deal with. he's a tough grader. he picks on females in the class -undermines student effort - DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS

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