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Acting I: Beginning Acting

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Professor: Medeiros C

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  1. Claudio is the best. He's hilarious, and so much fun to work with. You have a decent amount of outside work, because you have to prepare for your scenes and such, but it's nice to take this class so that you have a different type of homework. There were certain exercises I found to be unnecessary, but we were always moving around and who can complain about that? The only thing is that it was different from acting classes I had taken in the past at high school levels. It was more meta in that we had to truly think about what we were acting and conveying and becoming the character. Overall great course, though.
  2. Definitely take Claudio's class. The reading is sometimes a bit inapplicable, but the activities are so worth it. He's very creative and willing to try new things. You'll do lots of scene acting, versus other classes which focus mostly on monologues. Love this class!
  3. Claudio is the man. He's an absolutely fantastic professor and incredibly likeable guy. Be prepared to work hard though, this class is fairly demanding
  4. Claudio is the best. He's super fun and hilarious. The readings don't really matter, but they're short so you should do them because you'll never know when he wants to talk about it. The exercises focus on scenes, which is fun, rather than monologues. You get to know the people in your class really well, which is also really nice because it's a lot of freshmen all together. When you have a scene due, however, it's a LOT of work outside class. He asks that you practice for an hour or two every day for your final scene, which is a lot, especially with other classes. It's as much as you make of it though; you and your partner can decide how often you want to meet. He's super funny and he loves when people let loose...take your shirt off for one of the first assignments and he'll love you forever.
  5. Claudio is the best.

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