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Acting I: Beginning Acting

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Professor: Mildenberg, V

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Not Much (33.3%
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Friendly (22.2%)
Average (44.4%)
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Boring (62.5%)
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Average (11.1%)
Easier (55.6%)

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Yes (66.7%)
No (33.3%)

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Yes (44.4%)
No (55.6%)

Evaluation Comments for Mildenberg, V

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  2. Don't take acting I with Mildenberg. She is very self-centered and thinks she knows everything about theatre. She is very negative in her feedback and makes it seem that no one could ever understand theatre like she does. She is never available when you need to ask questions as she is much too busy with performances. Plus, she gives really low grades... Don't take this course - she doesn't know how to teach.
  3. I loved Vanessa. She was available to meet me when I needed her to and I felt like her criticisms were valid and helpful. She's a great actress and helped me to become a more capable actress.
  4. Vanessa is an incredible actress, a very warm person, a fantastic cook, and great to talk to. That said, organization is not her strong point. Amidst her flurries of instructions, it may be hard to pinpoint specific due dates, assignments, and meeting times. Usually it seems to work out in the end as long as you put some effort in, but it can definitely be frustrating if you like to have set guidelines. Also, I've found that if you have a hard time performing in front of people or opening up in class, she can be very understanding about it as long as you talk to her about your problems, instead of just blowing the class off.
  5. Vanessa is a brilliant actress, who can help serious actors take it to the next level. Theater majors love her, and for good reason. She was a tremendous help to me in developing as an actor BUT if you just want to take acting for fun, she's not good for you. She asks a lot of her actors and will stop you or laugh if she doesn't like what you're doing. Her course was poorly organized, with no readings and few assignments, and so grading was based purely on her judgement of your acting.
  6. I absolutely adore Vanessa; she has revolutionized my acting abilities, and working with her has helped me move to higher levels, and also to planes that I didn't know existed. She is a terrific aactress and a wonderful teacher. However, if you've never taken an acting class and/or are taking one for fun, I would recommend a course with Prof. Draper - Vanessa is much better at advanced acting direction and takes her class in a much more serious direction. She doesn't mask her feelings; if she gets a sense from you that you have a distaste for her, her subject, or her manner, she'll treat you exactly the same way. If she feels you're not putting in your best work, she'll tell you. You get out of this class what you put into it. I put in a lot, and as a result, Vanessa has become a close friend and a huge asset.
  7. Mildenberg could make you hate acting. The class and actual work is very rewarding, however the focus on naturalism and the professor's condescending attitude makes it difficult to get through her class.
  8. i would take acting but not with mildenberg. she is very disorganized and annoying. her grading system also makes no sense.
  9. This class is interesting in terms of character analysis and performance. It is quite disorganized which makes assignments and dates difficult to coordinate but the scene and partner work is rewarding if you put in enough effort to make it so. It's very light in work-load and a good fourth class. If you do take it, take it seriously. Otherwise, it's a waste of your time. Mildenberg is a really nice person who seems a little hard to approach sometimes during class however she is readily available for help and critique or even just a good conversation outside of class. I definately reccomend this class for anyone interested in analyzing literature in a different form and working with others in a totally new way.

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