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Acting I: Beginning Acting

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Professor: Romagnoli

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  1. Romagnioli is a good teacher, and he knows a lot about his field on the other hand, acting is just one of those subjects that some people dont 'get'. myself included but we had a lot of laughs, fun classes and assignments, even though i dont feel that I learned that much.
  2. Richard's the man, plain and simple. Fun class and my acting definitely improved.
  3. Last minute, I decided what the hell, and took this class. I'm not a theater major, though I have always enjoyed acting. Classes were a little long at times, because you spend most of the time watching other people act, but for the same reason, they were a lot of fun. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I would have liked to go up there and do more acting myself. Having said that, I was really thankful for how it lightened my load. There is almost no work outside of class. Romagnoli is also just a great person. He can seem a little insane at times. He isn't the best at remembering names or the things he said, and he can get distracted easily. However, he is actually a sweetheart, and it sometimes shows. Aside from his personality, although his feedback can be difficult to follow, they were in fact VERY helpful. One of the funnest classes I've had at midd!
  4. this professor is not pleasant to work with. he is extremely knowledgeable and talented but rarely finds effective or diplomatic ways of conveying his opinions/wisdom. not much out-of-class work is required, but be prepared for a tedious and stressful in-class experience. whatever you do, do not miss class. ever. this will get you in heaps of trouble.
  5. The class was great.
  6. Richard is kind of crazy but awesome. There is little work outside of class, but the in-class experience is always engaging.
  7. This class is a decent introductory acting course, but hard to sit through if you've had any previous acting training. Rather than teach about objectives and other essential elements of acting theory, Richard communicates by lecturing students on what they did right/wrong in specific scenes. Often, he has trouble putting to words what he wants to convey and will spend a lot of class time over one point. While I found this retroactive approach to be frustrating, I would still recommend the course. The class environment was a lot of fun and the readings (Stanislavski in particular) are wonderful.

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