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Acting I: Beginning Acting

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Professor: Sprigg

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  1. I took this class looking to dabble a bit in Theatre and didn't enjoy it in the least.
  2. I didn;t like Sprigg as a teacher. It was a fun class, because all the work is improvs and scenes, besides a very easy 12 page paper that you can basically bullshit. He is really classical as an actor and the class just feels like a joke.
  3. The class was... decent. It was fine as an introductory class or for completing a requirement. However, it could have been much more challenging and interesting. The class had a sort of hurry-up-and-wait schedule; relatively large assignments with almost nothing in between. The paper seemed to have been thrown in almost as an afterthought, and didn't have much bearing on the course overall. The course was good, but disappointing in comparison to other Theater classes at Middlebury. Maybe that's just Acting 1, but I thought Sprigg could have made more out of the basic nature of the course.
  4. Doug is a nice guy. Kind of idiosyncratic, but a good professor. Over the semester, we read two books and wrote a 10-page (dbl-spaced) paper on them, did a "personal monologue," did a prepared but semi-improvised scene, did an "open" scene in which the dialogue is purposefully ambiguous, and did a final scene from a play of your choice. I definitely learned a lot about acting from the class, and he's a REALLY easy grader. Besides for one girl who never came to class, I think everyone got a B+ or higher, even the people who were mediocre actors. If you're looking for an easy but fun class, this is definitely a good pick, and if you're looking to pursue acting further, it's not a bad choice either.
  5. The first few classes are very light, basically playing improv games. The ten-page midterm paper seems detached from the rest of the class, which is entirely based on preparing monologues or scenes. Most of your classes will be spent watching others perform. If you genuinely care about theatre, you will find that Doug knows a lot about theatre (as a high school acting hotshot, I learned that I DON'T know everything about theatre). You barely use the required books at all, which is sort of annoying. Doug is a good guy though, and when we asked for his help on rehearsing a scene, he went out of his way to help us. Oh, and it's required that you see a Midd. play and write a review on it. Don't forget.

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