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Architecture & Environment

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Professor: Broucke P

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  1. Broucke approached this class more as moderator than teacher, bringing in a diverse array of people to present on issues pertaining to the subject. I thought this was a successful technique and some of the presenters were fantastic. In addition to the guest lectures, we had periodic group design projects. I thought they were pretty interesting, but we never had enough time to explore each project in detail. As a brand new class, it was a little too broad in its focus. The definition of "environment" needs to be limited more. We spent much of the class talking about contextual architecture, broadening "environment" to basically mean "surroundings." We also often got mired down in general environmental discussions that had little relation to architecture. I recommended that the department perhaps add an environmental design studio course that would focus more on the technical aspects of environmental design. This class could present the concepts, and the other the techniques for architecture and the environment. Anyways, it was a fascinating class and Broucke was great as always.
  2. Prof Broucke is great, and this class is quite interesting. It's an especially accessible class for non-architecture majors, as it pulls in many different aspects of the liberal arts, and provides a nice basis from which to think more about architecture.
  3. Brouke brought in tons of guest lecturers which was a very effective way to teach the class. We went on field trips which for the most part were very interesting, though long. I hardly had to do any work in this class, and it was interesting to go to class each day. Definitely take this class.

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