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Art of the City

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Professor: Andres G

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  1. I'm a pre-med science major who took this class as a filler. This class was not the easy fourth class I was expecting. There are three 4-5 page papers about Middlebury that collectively count for 50% of the grade, a midterm for 25%, and a take-home final (essentially two multi-part questions) for 25%. My advice: GO TO ANDRES FOR EVERY PAPER. He has taught this class for a long time and knows exactly what he wants to see in a paper- but it's not what you would think. Just go, I'm telling you. It made a huge difference for me but I waited too long. Otherwise- THIS CLASS IS SO INTERESTING! Andres is a great lecturer and you will never look at city forms around you the same way. By far my favorite class I've ever taken. I highly recommend the class.
  2. No Comment
  3. He doesnt take attendance but the lectures are fascinating anyways. If you miss a lecture, no big deal... the tests are 35min multiple choice! Don't miss this class. It's amazing. THe papers, except for the final paper which is 30% of the grade, are all max 2 pages. Seriously Andres is so smart, and makes you learn only what is relevant and reasonable. I wish more professors at midd were like him
  4. Professor Andres is seriously amazing. As cheesy as it sounds, this class actually changed the way I look at any town or development. I am constantly thinking about why places grew up as they did, and it is so much fun! Although Andres purely lectures, he does an amazing job at compiling information in a logical and enticing way. I started out doing the readings at the beginning of the semester, but soon realized that they were unnecessary. This meant practically 0 hours outside of class except for when a paper was due. And based on the previous comments, I believe Andres may have changed the structure of the assignments a little so here's an update (Spring2011): 3 papers on Middlebury maximum 5 pages, a midterm with 10 matching and a few short answers, and a take home blue book final. REally not bad! Take this course!!
  5. This was a good class. Prof Andres is really passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. it is a tough class to take at 8am, however. There is a midterm and final as well as 4 papers applying what you learned to the town of Middlebury. The papers were challenging but graded fairly.
  6. I took this class because cities have always fascinated me, and frankly, I feel like I didn't get what I was hoping to out of the class. I would not recommend this class to someone who is not interested in art history or architecture. Lectures can become somewhat dry, but require no preparation. The 5-page papers always sneak up and become major stressors (not to mention the 14-page final paper that was announced the last day of class)! The work comes in spurts, but other than that, it is a fairly stressless class.
  7. I heard so much hype for this class, and I was frankly a little disappointed with it. Like other reviewers have mentioned, class is 100% lectures, and I'm not really OK with that; I like discussion sections and getting to the people taking the class with me. Like someone else said, reading is unnecessary & REALLY boring (so don't do it). I agree that the material was interesting. I learned a lot, but it's not very applicable to my major, and I have unfortunately already forgotten a lot of what we covered! Would I recommend it? No, unless you are an architecture or art hist. major.
  8. This was one of my favorite classes I've taken at Middlebury! Prof. Andres' lectures are fascinating and I've learned so much! We were supposed to write 4 papers about Middlebury, which I considered at first to be pain, but that became eventually very useful for applying the concepts taught in class. Great class, great professor!
  9. His lecture style is rather dry, yet the content of his course is fascinating. If you can get beyond the rather old-fashioned teaching style, his ideas and the books in this course might change how you view development.
  10. He is a tough grader for papers... Plus he has you writing 4 of them. Doesn't take attendance in class, but everything on the exams comes from the lecture so it's best to show up or get notes from someone. The material is very interesting, although some of my friends would say otherwise. The work load is minimal, lectures are interesting, Prof. Andres is a smart and great guy, and it only meets twice a week!!! Definately recommend this class.

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