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Beginning Arabic I

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Professor: Fakhreddine, H

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  3. Huda is amazing.
  4. She's great.
  5. Huda is one of the nicest professors I have ever had. Whether it be her lovely smile or quietly funny jokes, there was always a reason to enjoy the class. The material is fascinating, and the pace is perfect. Take this class with her because you'll find yourself wanting to go to Arabic everyday.
  6. If you are planning on starting Arabic, you should ABSOLUTELY take it with Huda. She's hilarious and a fantastic teacher. Arabic is a difficult language, albeit beautiful, but Huda presents it in an easily understood manner. Worth it in every way.
  7. There's not much I can say that hasn't been said before. Huda is absolutely incredible - she's a reason to take this class in itself. If you take intro Arabic, TAKE IT WITH HER. She's funny (in a quietly sarcastic way), and very friendly to boot. She is fantastic at explaining grammatical concepts, and draws participation equally out of everyone in the class. She works hard to teach and it shows. Her efforts paid off and I walked away from 101 with both a solid understanding of beginning Arabic and a class that felt like family after 12 weeks of, dare I say it, fun. Homework is intense in the beginning (for the first 2-3 weeks) while you're learning the alphabet, but it quickly tapers off. Tests are a breeze. Huda is always willing to meet with people 1-on-1 if they need extra help. If you're IPE or IS, or want to learn Arabic for any reason, do it. And take it with Huda.
  8. Huda is totally awesome. She teaches very well, subtly introducing new grammar and vocabulary for those of us who are ready for new material. Her sense of humor adds greatly to the class as well.
  9. Huda is great! Although it can be a lot of work, she gets you interested in the subject and she's not a tough grader. This was the best way to start arabic!
  10. Huda is Amazaing, relax and enjoy the lanuage.
  11. Huda is an incredible teacher, rather than most language teachers she uses the text as an additional resource, and not as a replacement for teaching. She explains grammatical concepts in a clarifying way, and assigns just enough homework. Classtime is enjoyable, you can tell she really cares about her students, her well-timed sarcasm is golden.
  12. Huda is absolutely amazing. The class is laid back and low-pressure yet you learn an amazing amount of Arabic for one semester. Also, there is a lot of homework in the first few weeks, but it tapers off.
  13. Great class. Huda is awesome.
  14. Huda is a really great teacher, she is understanding and her lessons are straightforward. That being said, she isn't worried about getting off on tangents or answering questions that may not directly relate. There are tons of opportunities to show how much you have learned. Loved this class.
  15. huda is incredible. make sure to take arabic with her. you will learn a lot in a stress-free environment.
  16. Huda is by far the most intelligent, unintimidating, lovely language professor I've ever had. She is hilarious, collected, and very easygoing. She makes learning the language fun, easy and incredibly exciting. This school is so lucky to have her- I can't imagine wanting to learn from anyone more. She is also an incredible English speaker- so she can sympathize with what is most difficult for Beginning Arabic students. I love her.

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