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Calculus I

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Professor: Bremser P

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Not Much (33.3%
Average (50%)
Valuable (16.7%)


Friendly (33.3%)
Average (58.3%)
Competitive (8.3%)

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Boring (58.3%)
Average (41.7%)
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1-2hr (9.1%)
3-5hr (45.5%)
6-8hr (36.4%)
9-11hr (9.1%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (27.3%)
Average (9.1%)
Easier (63.6%)

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Yes (100%)
No (0%)

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Yes (27.3%)
No (72.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Bremser P

  1. Although Prof. Bremser is an extremely nice lady, teaching Calculus 1 is not her forté. I took AP in high school and had a very firm grasp on the material and felt like I un-learned concepts in her class. The way she presents the material is confusing often not thorough. I usually find myself sitting in the class thinking to myself "I could explain this concept much better than she can." Her teaching style is like this: She assumes you haven't watched Man vs. Wild, then throws you a hatchet and flint stone and expects you to figure out how to survive in the wild for a month.
  2. No Comment
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  4. Do all of the homeworks. She tells you they don't count but they secretly are. The material would be fine to learn if she taught it better.. She is a great woman and SO nice but not a great teacher by any means. Classes were boring and exams were impossible. If you understand calc already then take it with PB but if you haven't taken it before I suggest you choose another professor as Bremser isn't the best at explaining new concepts.
  5. Professor Bremser was the worst prof I've had at Midd so far. Her methods of teaching are dated and her references are irrelevant. I graduated from high school with a 95% in Calc and got the highest grade on the final exam, but I felt completely lost in her course - even when she was teaching material I'd already learned! I don't know why she's still teaching at this school.
  6. Go on..take this class.. Bremser is the best prof available for this course. She explains all the concepts extremely well
  7. Professor Bremser is incredibly nice, but her explanations of even the most basic concepts just don't seem to resonate with many. It was easy to put very little work into this class without suffering as a result, however, this also detracted from the amount of learning that went on, as well as the class atmosphere.
  8. Although Professor Bremser is nice, her explanation of concepts isn't always clear.
  9. Bremser is such a nice and friendly professor. I always felt comfortable approaching her with questions about anything.
  10. Professor Bremser is an awful teacher. I had learned some of the concepts in high school but the way she presented them confused me. As the above comment noted, we spend most of the class going over the homework with little time left to learn new material. On the bright side, she's very approachable and is great if you go to her office hours. However, I'd rather learn in class.
  11. So I took this class because I read that really positive middkid review of Prof Bremser. And I regret it. I'd like to clear that I got an A in this class and therefore am not posting this out of bitter resentment. Bremser was a terrible Professor. Even the most basic concepts she explained in such a way as to confuse the entire class. Most of the time you'll learn the material by yourself from the book anyway because the homework is so challenging that you'll spend the entire class going over it and then she'll only teach you the basics to the next topic and the next hwk will be impossible and you fall into this downward spiral. Some exams were harder than expected though she does curve them. The only saving grace is that she doesn't grade hwk, they're just for completion so you don't have to stress so much over how hard they are. Anyway take this with some other prof unless you've already got a strong grasp of calc.
  12. At first, I was a bit skeptical about Calculus, but Prof. Bremser presented the material in such a way that I found it fascinating. Her build-up approach to learning the fundamentals of calculus made me appreciate how that branch of mathematics originated, instead of taking it for granted that derivatives and anti-derivatives simply exist. Also, I found the beauty in proofs. Seriously. I really enjoyed the class, but found that the homework assignments tended to border on the ridiculous. I found them extremely challenging, but the tests tended to be much more straightforward. This class is perfect for people who think that calculus is too complicated and that math is for nerds. Prof. Bremser will prove you wrong and maybe inspire you to take more math classes at Midd.

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