[MATH 0121]
Calculus I

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Professor: Olinick M

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Evaluation Comments for Olinick M

  1. Don't take it with Professor Olinick. He is a nice guy but not a great professor
  2. Olinick has a little difficulty making concepts clear. He's in love with doing proofs in class and spends most of the lecture time doing just that instead of explaining difficult material. Everyone should take calculus, but this class was especially hard to sit through. Olinick also comes across as being a bit unapproachable during his office hours. To get ahead, though, you really need to have questions ready and harass him with them during that time because he rarely answers questions sucessfully during class.
  3. I absolutely love(d) math. After taking class with Olinick I will never take another math class at Midd because, while he loves his subject, he has no understanding for the way students learn. He is unable to thoroughly explain concepts to someone who has never taken calc before. He was nice, but absolutely the worst teacher I've ever had for any class I've ever taken.
  4. Many people complain that Olinick is boring, and they are absolutely right. He is not so boring, however, as to make learning calculus impossible. He is an excellent math mind and can answer any question thrown at him, but many students believe calc class should be Disney Land and just zone out once it gets boring. Despite being boring, he did an excellent job explaining concepts. He practically begged my class to come and see him for help and virtually forced those who were struggling to do so. His tests were very long and very difficult, but lots of studying and solid vigilance in class made them manageable. When Olinick found that his tests were very hard, he actually made the last couple easier. His homework was generally hard, but he gave us step-by-step solution sheets. Do not avoid Olinick. I am not a math major, but his boring classes were worth the work.
  5. Boring.

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