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Calculus II

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Professor: Emerson, J.

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Evaluation Comments for Emerson, J.

  1. The class involves lectures and quizzes. There is very little class interaction and overall I found it hard to stay awake. Also, don't take this class at 8 am, it will ruin your semester.
  2. Emerson is incredibly nice, and has a great personality, but for some reason it was very difficult to understand the concepts in this class. Emerson is also very nitpicky with grading, and even minor mistakes in terms of syntax would get points off, even if you continued on correctly from that point.
  3. This class actually teaches MATH! Professor Emerson, in stead of instructing you in how to do certain sets of problems, teaches the big concepts and then gives you homework assignments to help you learn how to apply them. If you hate parroting the instructor's methods in order to do certain problems, then take this class! It really delves into some interesting math, and is incredibly fun. Professor Emerson is also an incredibly kind man. He's not always the best at explaining concepts, but that's okay because you understand it even better when you puzzle it out yourself.
  4. No Comment
  5. Don't do it.
  6. I'm not a big math person, so taking Calc II was a big struggle for me. The text we used did not help matters at all as its explanations were basic and didn't really provide a model for how to do the problems. Emerson loved to have students come to his office hours and was willing to pretty much do the homework with you if you needed that much help. I got a lot out of the class because of his patience and one on one help. Also, he looks like a grandpa and wears sweatervests and gives examples involving his yellow Mazda Miata. That image alone is worth it.
  7. Emerson is really nice and loves to talk. He is very accessible and is able to rattle off examples like no other. He does tend to not cover all the necessary material in class and this makes completing homework assignments and understanding material more challenging.The exams are very hard, but he did curve up my grade significantly at the end of the course, this may have been due to homework so be sure to stay on top of that as well. Use the math tutors that are available specific nights of the week!
  8. The worst.
  9. It is very boring, and if you add that it's at 8am... We left 5-10 minutes late every single day from class...
  10. Nice guy, terrible teacher and tests were hard. DONT TAKE CALC WITH EMERSON.
  11. The class was extremely hard. The daily HW can become tedious and at times difficult. The exams were hard, however my final grade was higher then what I though it would be. He is always there during office hours and very willing to help, because he never seemed to finis lecture. One-on-one he is very good, but in class not so much. I recommend not taking this course, unless you love calculus.
  12. Don't take this class unless you have to. Daily problem sets quickly become the bane of your existence.
  13. I wouldn't recommend anyone to take Calc2 in general, and with Mr.Emerson in particular
  14. You should only take this class with Emerson if you're willing to teach yourself how to do all the homework assignments. He doesn't teach methods for doing the homework before you do it, and you get graded on it anyway. It's an extremely frustrating system, and makes no sense.
  15. Mr. Emerson is a very nice and friendly teacher. While he is not the best at conveying concepts, he is much better than the other teachers in the math department. If you take Calc 2, take it from Emerson.
  16. The work is tough, but the professor is very friendly and willing to help.
  17. emerson was extremely friendly both in class and during office hours. he was always willing to try to help; however, it was often difficult to understand the material. the problem sets and exams were difficult
  18. The class itself was valuable because I love calculus, but the professor was not noteworthy. He is kind of confusing and condescending in class and sometimes his grading can be unclear. Take this course, just not with this professor.
  19. Prof Emerson is great. He really loves teaching Calculus. However, there just isn't time to really teach it all so you may find yourself spending many hours in his office hours trying to figure things out (which he is VERY helpful about). You will likely be very tired of math by the end of the semester because the class goes non-stop.
  20. This is a great disparity between lectures, homework, and tests. I often struggled to understand the homework and though Emerson was helpful in office hours, I never felt self-sufficient. I feel like I learned very little new material and more about how to prove the material I learned in high school. I took this as a pre med requirement and am disappointed that nothing I learned will apply to my medical studies and all I left with is a lousy grade.

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