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Calculus II

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Professor: Swenton F

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Not Much (4.5%
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Average (68.2%)
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Boring (68.2%)
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9-11hr (4.5%)
12+ hr (4.5%)

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Harder (22.7%)
Average (4.5%)
Easier (72.7%)

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  3. Swenton is fabulous. He manages to make math lectures engaging and colorful (literally - he has like 10 different colors of chalk). Exams are pretty tough but not if you study well. The only REALLY hard exam was the final. Prof. Swenton is one of the nicest, most approachable teachers (like much of the math department - he's ALWAYS in his office for help). Another bonus is that there's no lame textbook - all the homework is optional and from his own worksheets. If you want to do well, though, make yourself do the homework on time because all the exam material comes right from those worksheets.
  4. This is an excellent course. You can't go wrong with Frank Swenton.
  5. Swenton's dope. If you're taking calc II for econ or bio or something then maybe he's not the best since he teaches in a very proof-heavy way. But he's a great teacher and you'll definitely learn calculus with him.
  6. Frank is awesome. He's always avalible to help. The tests are a little daunting, but overall this is an excellent class
  7. Frank Swenton is a remarkable teacher. If you have to take calc II, take it with him. His way of teaching math is different than any other course I've taken...first, he doesn't use a textbook but provides his own worksheets. Second, he writes WORDS and sentences on the board (as opposed to just numbers and equations), sentences and explanations that you then write down and use to study in lieu of a textbook. He's good at explaining concepts so that things "click" into a broader picture, so that you know what the goal of a particular strategy is. Prof Swenton is funny in class (for example, his preoccupation with using colored chalk to make detailed illustrations) and very, very approachable and available for outside help. I would absolutely recommend this course.
  8. Mr. Swenton is a very very good teacher. He really wants you to learn the material. Some parts of his tests are hard but if you study you will be fine. I would DEFINATELY recommend this class with Mr. Swenton!!!
  9. Frank Swenton is THE man. He basically showed me the light. Math has always been really hard for me, but Frank made calc seem natural, feasible, and even enjoyable. THe class is very proof and theory heavy, but I think that helps you grasp things better. It did for me anyway.
  10. well, i think he's a very clear teacher. but he just cannot get me excited in the material. probably calc2 is just a boring class.
  11. Calc II with Swenton is an amazing class. There is no text, but if you take it upon yourself to keep up with the problem sets, it's no problem. The lectures are really valuable and clear. I highly recommend this course.
  12. If you're going to take Calc II, take it with Swenton. He explains things really well, and the class is really fair. He doesn't check the homework, and his tests are fair. Hard, but fair. He's also really funny, so he makes the whole experience highly entertaining.
  13. It's nice not having to buy a textbook, but it also means that if you miss a class, it's a lot harder to get caught up because you can't just read the book instead of going to the lecture.
  14. Swenton is the best prof I've had at Midd - he has that peculiar gift of making something like calculus seem like the most simple, natural thing in the world
  15. FRANK SWENTON IS THE MAN. LITERALLY THE BEST TEACHER I HAVE EVER HAD. IN MY LIFE. IF FRANK WERE TO TEACH OTHER TEACHERS HOW TO TEACH, WE WOULD ALL BE GETTING GREAT GRADES AND HAPPY. If you want to experience a class worthy of the 40 grand we drop on this school, take a class with frank. you won't regret it. He's PHENOMENAL.
  16. He's an amazing professor, probably one of the best at Midd and one of the only people who can actually make CalcII easy and even interesting. Even if you're not a math person, take a class with him.
  17. Frank Swenton is undeniably nothing short of a genius. HOWEVER, you should not take this class if you are not passionate about math or a math major. As a MBB major, I found the majority of the material is this class to be superfluous and inapplicable to anything in the "real world". Frank is an excellent teacher and a great guy, but this class is wayyy to theory heavy and should not be considered on par with the other Calc II classes. That being said, do the problem sets and you'll do fine.
  18. While Professor Swenton is a wonderfully brilliant man, his teacher style was simply not for me. He talks at you during lectures and spends much of class time moving through proofs (that realistically will never be useful again). He also explicitly stated that the information learned in this class had very little to no practical application. I'm not sure that's the best way to go about enticing a class full of freshmen and sophomores. While he is friendly and animated, I would not recommend that anybody take Calc II with professor Swenton. Our grades were dictated by 3 exams and a final - no other work or effort was taken into account. I did not enjoy this class at all.
  19. There are already lots of character reviews, so just a word of advice: The homework is not graded, but DO IT ON TIME. it will help you when it comes to the 4 exams.
  20. the material is tough, but prof. swenton explains it so well it seems very easy. his tests are difficult, but if you study you will do fine. he is always available and willing to help, and explains things really well. he is by far the best teacher i have had so far at middlebury.
  21. Swenton is the best math teacher I've ever had.
  22. i would not recommend this class for anyone taking calc II. while swenton seems to be a friendly overall nice guy, during class all he does is talk at you. he spends time going over how to do useless proofs, rather than going through examples of things we will be tested on. initially i liked the idea of not having a textbook, however i found this to make the course even more difficult because i did not have anything other than my notes to refer to, and if you get lost during the class then theres not much you can do. i basically had to teach myself the course from his online answer keys to problem sets which have the steps as to how to do each problem. going to class was absolutely pointless. i do NOT recommend anyone interested in taking calc II to take it with swenton. find someone else

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