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Costume Design I: Beginning

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Professor: Emerson, J.

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  1. Just take it! Jule is amazing and wants to see everybody improve. You'll spend so much time on drawing and working with your concept that by the end, you'll have a finished project that you're completely proud of.
  2. No Comment
  3. Be prepared for a lot of work! This is no easy class, but I still feel like everyone ends up with an A. Jule expects a lot from you, but you will learn how to draw, which is awesome. She can be slightly unprofessional, so if you are easily offended or sensitive about your personal artistic endeavors, I would not recommend the class. LOTS OF WORK.
  4. this class was extremely fascinating. jule was engaging and fun to be around. she really knew the material she was teaching and was always willing to help you. there were some weeks where the only homework was to read and there were other weeks when the work took days to complete. jule is a fair grader and the class is well worth it!
  5. While very demanding, if you are at all interested in theatre or studio art this class is completely amazing! Jule is so enthusiastic and encouraging and gets you so excited for your concept. One of the best classes at Midd!
  6. This class is tough, in terms of time commitment, but Jule is adorable and amazing. She will push you as far as she possibly can and she will do her best to make sure you succeed. You will work your butt off in this class -- don't be surprised to be in the classroom at all hours of the night-- but it is incredibly rewarding, and you will very likely get a grade you are happy with. I would not take this class in combination with a lab science if you can help it. Don't let the amount of time commitment scare you away, however -- it's a lot of fun, Jule brings in cookies and tea pretty much every day. Don't be afraid if you don't know how to draw, either, because Jule will teach you and it's pretty cool how fast we learned. Jule is definitely a professor with whom to take a class while at Midd, no question, but don't go into Costume Design 1 thinking you won't have to work at it. :)

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