[GEOL 0104]
Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Professor: West D

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Not Much (16.7%
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Friendly (0%)
Average (58.3%)
Competitive (41.7%)

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Boring (91.7%)
Average (8.3%)
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1-2hr (75%)
3-5hr (25%)
6-8hr (0%)
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Harder (16.7%)
Average (8.3%)
Easier (75%)

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Yes (91.7%)
No (8.3%)

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Yes (91.7%)
No (8.3%)

Evaluation Comments for West D

  1. Interesting and easy. D west is the man. the projects are fun and don't take up much time at all. Rocks for jocks, shank 'n bake, call it what you will, but this class is fantastic
  2. Was a good class, lots of fun, friendly atmosphere especially in lab. Did well in the class however final grades where lower than I thought I deserved.
  3. This class is great if you're looking for something pretty easy. The material is very very easy to understand. He cares about attendance and has you sign yourself in. There are four pop quizzes that he gives as sort of a punishment for kids who skip class. So as long as you go and take notes, it's easy
  4. This is a good class if you don't know anything about natural disasters and want to...but I wouldn't expect to breeze through it. Despite the rumors, Professor West's exams are very specific and really necessitate a thorough knowledge of the material. At the same time, if you go to class and study, the class is a pretty easy A.
  5. Great intro course, especially if you want to learn about seismology, volcanology, or even other planets. You won't be able to look at the world around you in quite the same way. Clear lectures make for easy note-taking, and the reading is light. Expect some oral presentations, papers, and the occasional worksheet. Also, the exams are pretty detailed, but fair, so if you've done the reading and been to most of the lectures, you can easily ace them. A good class if you want to satisfy a requirement but don't have a solid background in science.
  6. Shake and Bake is money with laid back lectures and discussions and straight forward material. Graded material is very basic and takes very little time.
  7. D West is one of the most worthless teachers on this campus, do not take this course.
  8. D West is Best
  9. West is really dynamic and his lectures keep you interested even at 8 am. The material is not hard but I recommend not getting behind or forgetting about journals/ studying. Other than that there is basically no reading/little to no preparation for class or discussions.
  10. Alright, let's go ahead and get started. Dave West is the man. His lectures are dynamic (no pun intended) and fun to hear. The material is not very hard to understand, so this is a great class for someone who is not really science-oriented. If you go to class and pay attention (he has some great powerpoint slides) then you won't have any trouble with the two mid-terms. His standards are pretty flexible and definitely fair. I recommend this class to anyone, not just because the material is pretty intriguing and relatively easy to understand, but because Dave is such a nice guy and great geology professor.
  11. Dave is a great teacher and a really nice guy. The class is straight-forward and not too hard, but expect to keep an "earthquake journal"--aka repetitious busywork weekly assignment. That is pretty much the only bad part of the class, though.
  12. d west is the best, and while it is very basic information, it is interesting. only homework is journal entries and two mid terms.

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