[PHYS 0110]
Electricity and Magnetism

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Professor: Ratcliff

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  1. This class starts off rather easy, which is a bit misleading since it gets incredibly difficult and conceptual by the end. Tests are very similar to the homeworks, and many of the proofs come directly from, or are only slightly modified versions of, class/homework material, so take notes and pay attention to the homework. Labs are really relaxed (no write-ups, and you're not even allowed to take your notebooks with you unless its the week of a test), and also really informational. Ratcliff is amazing. I also feel like I had to do some catch-up work in order to understand what was going on in class, but that definitely comes from my not doing the readings very thoroughly the night before.
  2. this is a pretty tough class, but worth while. Ratcliff is a good professor although somewhat difficult to approach.
  3. This class seemed interesting in the beginning. The professor is not very approachable, which is unfortunate because his lectures do not cover the material very well. He uses transparencies a lot, and whether or not you print them out before hand, you don't remember a lot of the information that they portray. The homeworks did not seem to have connections to what we covered in class, so I felt that I was learning completely new things every other homework assignment or so. I would recommend this class with another professor.
  4. Ratcliff is an excellent lecturer -for UPPER level physics classes. This class was straight out of the book (and I wouldn't have understood the material had I not read the book). Homework is extensive -but "doesn't count towards course grade, unless you don't do any, in which case it will lower your grade." I spent many hours doing homework for this class, and did quite well on it, but the effort was NOT reflected in my overall course grade, as I am not a great test-taker and, while I didn't do horribly, I didn't ace them. My grade did not reflect the fact that I do indeed understand the material (as demonstrated on homeworks, in lab, and -when not being nitpicky- on the exams. I found Ratcliff hard to approach -the few times I did go to him for help rather than to a student- he was unhelpful and I came away more frustrated than I had been initially. It's too bad; I've had Ratcliff for other classes and his lectures/exams have been interesting and informative. This just isn't the class to take with him unless you have to. If you do, make sure you know students or other professors; the physics department is friendly and willing to help any student, regardless of whether they are teaching the class.
  5. Professor Ratcliff definitely livens up the possibly dry course material with his active sense of humor. Homework isn't too bad (he gives hints on how to solve the problems, and TAs are always available the night before a problem set is due), and labs are pretty straightforward with no out-of-lab extra work due. His carrot (homework) and stick (labs) grading method is a bit fuzzy, but if you don't do them it will affect your test scores, the majority of your final grade anyway. Overall, I enjoyed this class and recommend it to anyone interested in math or the sciences.
  6. Ratcliff is a funny dude and excellent lecturer. 4 tests are what you are graded on, although supposedly if you do all your homework it will bump you up a few points. Lab is fun, laid back, no writeups, and pretty interesting in my opinion. The lectures are right out of the textbook more or less, but lectures are fun anyway, and a good intro to the material. Overall great class.
  7. The material in the second half of the class is quite difficult; it is definitely a step above PH 109 in terms of difficulty. This person also suggested: I took 110 along with some very difficult classes last term. Because the class was graded on a curve, it became my forth priority in the spring. I still did well, but if the curve had been less generous -- or non-existant -- I would have studied a great deal more, probably have earned a solid A, and more importantly would have learned so much more. DON'T SLACK OFF BECAUSE OF THE CURVE.

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