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Film History 1945-Present

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Professor: Grindon, L.

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Evaluation Comments for Grindon, L.

  1. his class really isn't very hard. He said at the beginning of the term that most students should expect B's, and that was true. However, he also isn't the most demanding grader, if you write a clean, coherent paper with few to zero grammar/spelling goofs than you will flirt with the A-/B+ grade. I happily accepted my B considering how little work I actually did. You have to do the readings every other week when you have a quiz (on other weeks you can answer one of the movie questions having only watched the movie). There are essentially 3 assignments all year. Great 4th class if you want something that isn't too difficult. The movies are really it or miss. I found that there were 2-3 films i absolutely did not enjoy, but the rest are groundbreaking films that are important to know. You also can learn a great deal about the evolution of Hollywood films and use that knowledge whenver i watch movies now. The lectures are a bit dry but he is constantly working on imporving them and really takes to heart recommendations from students, and lectures did get better during the term.
  2. Grindon is a really nice guy and fair grader... I'm not sure why the students above didn't think so. As long as you do the work to the best of your ability and demonstrate that you can analyze films (which you'll learn how to do in the class), then you should be fine. I thought the class was a breeze, but I guess you have to take it seriously to live up to Grindon's standards. No exams, just a few big papers and weekly quizzes and discussion papers, based on light reading and screenings. Screenings can be long, but they're bearable because Grindon picks good films. Interesting course if you want to learn more about film history.. and this one's more relevant than the course on pre-1945. However, be aware that it covers a broad range of time and locales, so it's kind of a surface-level overview.
  3. This evaluation is actually for Film History 1, but the course isn't listed on Middkid yet. Professor Grindon's lecture style can be engaging and you really will learn the basics of film history. Unfortunately, Grindon's grading is erratic and punitive. There are more than a few demanding teachers at Middlebury, but Grindon is another story. Be prepared for an out-of-the-blue C or even F if you deviate from his inflexible interpretations of art. To make things even worse, his questions are sometimes worded ambiguously and he doesn't understand how to use question marks (?Identify the typical qualities of French impressionist cinema?? ?Explain why??) or the difference between ?there? and ?their.? Take this class if you have to and otherwise avoid it.
  4. Don't expect to watch "modern" films: there are only two post 1989. If you are interested in how film has developed, specifically Hollywood, the class is great. That being said, Don't take the class if your looking for something easy. Professor Grindon can be a boring lecturer at times, and he makes it clear from the beginning the average will be a B.
  5. Prof. Grindon is one of the worst teachers I met. Just like what above commentor said, I don't recommend taking course with him unless you have. Otherwise, I would avoid him.
  6. Grindon is very enthusiastic about the material and engages you with each lecture. For someone looking to take an intro film class, I would suggest Aesthetics rather than Film History, but his class would be worthwhile for anyone looking to take more than a few film classes
  7. There isn't alot in the reading you can't glean from the lectures which are straightforward, if a little dry. leger is an ok dude, and really eager to have one on one sessions if you need them.

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