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Film History

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Professor: Grindon, L.

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  1. If you take notes during the lectures, it is very easy to do well in this class. Professor Grindon gives quizzes/tests directly from weekly questions discussed in the lecture, and he expects to see a lot of the lecture information in essays. He is always available to help when needed and the material is really interesting.
  2. A good class that requires little work or effort. Professor Grindon bases his tests on weekly questions which he answers thoroughly in lecture, so notetaking is a must. Students should be aware that while a good portion focuses on the history of American film, about half the syllabus consists of foreign cinema (e.g. Soviet Montage, Italian Neo-Realism). I highly recommend discussing paper topics with Professor Grindon and arranging a meeting for him to proofread papers, as they are a large part of the grade for the class and his feedback is very helpful. Despite lectures being sometimes long and dry, the class really sparked my interest in film and film history.
  3. Keep with the readings and pay attention in class. Class notes are by far the most helpful with assignments.
  4. Stay away from him if you can.

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