[CHEM 0103]
General Chemistry I

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Professor: Bunt R

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Boring (92.9%)
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9-11hr (7.1%)
12+ hr (7.1%)

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Easier (92.9%)

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Evaluation Comments for Bunt R

  1. Bunt is the best!
  2. Bunt is the man.
  3. If you haven't taken high school chem, this course will feel very fast-paced to you. However, Bunt is an amazing professor with a great sense of humour. He tries his hardest to make the class fun and he's always in a good mood.
  4. No Comment
  5. Rick Bunt is always there to help, if you have any questions see him before it gets too overwhelming!
  6. I had taken chemistry in high school, so maybe i found this class a bit easier than others, but professor bunt was an awesome teacher. of course i was still shakey on some topics, and he was available a couple times to help me when it was needed. professor bunt is a funny guy, and his demonstrations are always fun. he always teaches exactly what he tests on, so reading the book is pretty much not necessary (except for reading quizzes and material you are shakey on). he definitely makes this boring intro material as lively as possible.
  7. Rick Bunt is awesome. Nough said.
  8. The material was hard, it was a lot more conceptual than I thought it would be. However, Professor Bunt is the BEST!! He knows how to explain things in terms anyone can understand. He's always available for help and really wants to help, he takes his job seriously and really puts a lot of effort in. AWESOME TEACHER! Take this course with Bunt if you are lucky!
  9. He's good professor and a nice guy, but sometimes he cannot explain stuff in a easier way to understand. His teaching assistant, Melissa, was awesome. I prefer asking her questions.
  10. Rick is the man. Smartwork inflates your grade by 5%, just do the work and you will be fine.
  11. Rick is the man! He gets to be a little bit of a dork at times with his Chemistry jokes, but his class--despite the lecture setup--is always a good time between his humor and incorporation of useful visual aids and activities. What's more, Rick's always looking out for his students and makes himself really available for outside the classroom help and discussion. If you're going premed or just looking to knock off a DED/Science course, do your best to get a class with Rick.
  12. Rick Bunt is amazing!!! He made this class for me. Definitely take a class with this professor if you can. He makes everything chem easy to understand.
  13. Rick is a great guy, and a funny lecturer. However, coming with almost no chemistry background, the class was very tough and fast-paced. There is a ton if info presented in a short amount of time, and at times it was difficult to absorb. Doing the book problems and SmartWork was essential, and took a lot of time each week. Exams were tricky, but Rick is a fair grader. Take-homes were especially hard.
  14. Bunt is a great professor, he makes the material as interesting as Chemistry can be and I look forward to taking more courses with him.

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