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Identity in French Literature

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Professor: Humbert B

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Evaluation Comments for Humbert B

  1. The class was definitely challenging, and I struggled with reading the literature, but Humbert is a great teacher and my oral, writing, and overall comprehension improved immensely! I had to put in a lot of work, but it was worth it and I felt very well prepared to continue. Professor Humbert is always available to give more feedback.
  2. Madame Humbert was a great teacher. The class introduced students to reading French poetry and novels. Despite the fact that some of the readings (particularly Manon Lescaut) were rather repetitive, discussion never lagged because of Madame Humbert's positive, energetic attitude. The only drawback was that assignments (large and small, many of which you are required to hand in) were due every day.
  3. One certainly learns a lot about French literature in this class. Some of it is very cool stuff. Commentaire composees are something to get used to - do not try and get creative, stick to what she says and you will do much better; novel ideas are only good during class time. Her office hours are extremely helpful.
  4. My opinions of the course was highly polarized mainly due to my mixed feelings toward the French literature; reading them is rather difficult especially when you are trying to allocate time accordingly between your other courses as well which are, of course, reading-intensive. As for the professor I liked her but at times, I was rather frustrated by her lack of leniency in grading commentaire composes. But definitely follow her advice on the essays and look over all the past ones while you are writing it. After the first one, I did fine in terms of grades so overall, I did not dislike or like this class. I liked the professor, however. She is a good professor when it comes to being enthusiastic and knowledgeable with the material.
  5. As long as you follow the specific rules for writing the commentaires, you will be fine. She is very helpful during extra help and gives you hints!
  6. If you want to enjoy this class and get a better grade, take it with Crouzieres. Mme Humbert is not the most friendly teacher nor the most exciting. Although, she is always there for help and going to her office hours make understanding the commentaire compose writing easier. The readings are dry, and speaking takes a back seat in this class. That being said, it's required to continue with French so get through it, put a lot of effort into the commentaire composes and move on.
  7. Professor Humbert is very fair and straightforward. However, she assigns a LOT of reading and writing so expect to devote a lot of time to it, regardless of how much you like it. Ultimately the readings were incredibly boring and the class was not incredibly useful, but it's necessary to going abroad so just tough it out. She's also extremely helpful if you go and talk to her. Ultimately, the teacher was pretty good, the class was just boring.
  8. Madame Humbert is wonderful; she is amazingly spirited and enjoyable. The material covered could have been much less interesting if it weren't for her!

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