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Intermediate Chinese I

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Professor: Reed C

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Evaluation Comments for Reed C

  1. If you are looking at this class then you know by now that studying Chinese at Middlebury College is not for the faint of heart. You are going to work hard, but Reed knows her stuff. You WILL learn Chinese... and probably cry yourself to sleep at night too....
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  7. Wu laoshi is one of the coolest people on earth, really really smart, and a very creative, tough, fun teacher who makes you work hard and learn a lot.
  8. Wu laoshi is amazing and has hilarious quirks. She'll slap herself in the face if she makes a mistake or says something wrong. Plus, her backstory and life make her such an amazing professor. She is tough on her students because she expects a lot, and for that I loved this class.
  9. Wu laoshi is amazing, she was my favorite teacher in second year. She's hilarious, tells random stories, and explains the etymology of characters that helped me memorize them a lot better.
  10. best professor ever
  11. a lot of work but a really great class
  12. This is a great class, wu lao shi is an amazing class and she keeps it fun through telling stories to help us relate to the material being learned. The coursepack for this course is not as helpful as it was for 100 level as it does not have as many example sentences and translations which makes practicing a little. There is homework assigned every day though so if you go over the corrections when they are given back it is very helpful. The only other problem with this course is the way the drill classes are run. I think this varies greatly year to year as it will be taught by a different forth year student each semester but the student who lead my drill did not know how to interact with us to make the class interesting and so we were frequently just repeating sentences and he frequently could not answer our questions or used Chinese that we could not understand. But this in no way should stop you from taking the course. You will learn a lot of Chinese and Wu Lao Shi is definitely a great professor to have. Definitely take it if you are looking to continue with Chinese.
  13. Wu laoshi is a great teacher. Having English as a first language and learning Chinese really helped her help us learn Chinese. She offered us anecdotes to help us remember things and warned us about easy mistakes to make before we made them. She keeps everyone involved in class. There was homework every night, quizzes 3-4 times a week, and a test every two weeks. As long as you stayed on top of things, there was a lot of work, but it wasn't extremely difficult.

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