[IGST 0101]
Intro to International & Global Studies

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Professor: Lunstead, J

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  3. An interesting approach to a class considered difficult to teach. With guest lectures and very student-based discussions, it gives you a broad impression of many dynamics that shaped the present world. Not too hard, either.
  4. Intro to IS is a very interesting course. Most of the lectures are given by guest professors which I really enjoyed a lot. There is a lot of reading, but if you find the time to do it, it is worthwhile. Finally, Professor Lunstead is always finding ways to engage the class. He even dressed up as Hamid Karzai one discussion and had us interview him.
  5. Professor Lunstead had a very interesting way of running this course by having many guest speakers from different departments to speak. This made the course very interesting because you could hear from multiple professors about what they are most interested in. Lunstead did a good job of connecting things in discussion and making sure we understood the broader concepts that were being presented. There isn't really a specific flow throughout the course but I think Lunstead did a good job finding three broad topics to cover in such a broad area of study. This course introduces you to a lot of international issue and is worth taking. Lunstead is a great and interesting professor who keeps discussions moving and focused on interesting and productive topics.
  6. Professor Lunstead is awesome! His lectures are really interesting, and the discussions- thought-provoking. For an intro class, you learn a lot, even if you don't go too deep into one particular topic. If you're taking intro to IS, take it with Lunstead!

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