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Intro:Contemporary Lit. Theory

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Professor: Siddiqi Y

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  1. I would take the course, as it's very valuable, but do not take it with Siddiqi. She's so intelligent that she has no idea how to interact or teach on the level of college students. She answered my questions about the text by quoting the text itself back at me. When I asked her if there was some other literature that I could read to explicate the main text, she told me that no, there wasn't, because that was the simplest text that there was and she didn't undersand my confusion because she thought the text was so clear. She fostered a very competitive and thus uncomfortable atmostphere in the classroom and encouraged using big words instead of saying something truly valuable. I ended up getting an A because I was so scared of the class that I overstudied constantly. Generally, Siddiqi is not a good professor. She's wildly intelligent but on a completely different plane, which makes her completely incapable of teaching.
  2. I thought the material presented in this course was interesting - just not the way it was presented. Siddiqi is an extremely intelligent woman, she just doesn't seem to understand how to reach college students. I don't feel as if her exams were reflective of what we learned - if we learned anything. As I said, the material is interesting, but the only texts we read were those of theory - we never got to see any of it applied. Take the class, just not with her.
  3. Professor Siddiqi does not know how to teach. The worst professor I have had at Midd. She is extremely smart but a terrible teacher. I do not recommend this class with her. She made me dislike Lit. Theory greatly!

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