[HARC 0103]
Introduction to Asian Art

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Professor: Packert, C

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  2. Prof. Packert is amiable, if a little scatterbrained at times. She made both our mid-term and final take home exams, which I found meant that her expectations were raised because of our access to the textbook. However, I did not particularly enjoy the format of her exams, especially with the higher standards and would have preferred a non-take home format. My grade definitely took a hit because of the exams, but Prof. Packert, I must say, is quite helpful and understanding. Unfortunately, this class wasn't for me.
  3. Professor Packert is incredibly intelligent and you can tell that she is very passionate about the subject matter. Given the broad nature of the course material, many different areas and eras of Asian art are covered, but all of which very briefly. It could have just been the semester that I took the course, but Packert frequently cancelled class, rarely asked for turned-in discussion assignments, and was very easy with grading. Overall, this course was not demanding yet valuable to my overall art history education.
  4. Cynthia Packert is a fun and very down to earth person. The material had the potential to be boring at times, but it was presented in a very fun and engaging manner. I highly suggest taking this class.
  5. If you need any kind of credit distribution requirements which this class offers, then TAKE IT! This course is absolutely fascinating, and if you ever go to the MET in NYC, or the Freer in DC or the MFA in Boston you will be amazed by how much you know. PACKERT IS AWESOME. She is so into the subject that she makes you want to major. She is a little technically challenged, but its not that big of a deal; she can lecture off the top of her head without a ppt any day.
  6. Cynthia is very passionate about the subject which makes the class more interesting. Also, she is very positive and approachable. Discussions were actually fun.

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