[LNGT 0101]
Introduction to Linguistics

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Professor: Soltan, U.

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Evaluation Comments for Soltan, U.

  1. Professor Soltan is, as others have said, friendly with a likable, self-depracating humor. As for the course itself, consistency is lacking for some lectures were incredibly fascinating whereas others were truly boring (but, this is quite subjective since I'm sure there were many who found all the lectures interesting and others who found them all boring). The course will be easy for those who put in the meager amount of effort demanded. The problem sets, the mid-term, and the final (the latter two being 15-17 pages) are all similar and focus more on the analytical aspects of linguistics while the LAP, as an 8-10 page research paper, will demand nothing from you but thoughtless regurgitation of the information you have found from having used a search engine and the library. Advice: buy the electronic version of the textbook and use the search function (it'll help you with all the assignments if you decide not to do the readings for class).
  2. I thought the class was fascinating. Much more technical than I expected, but still great. Professor Soltan is very friendly, a pretty easy grader, and listens to students if you need extensions, etc. (Ex: Our take-home midterm was 17 pages long and took a really long time to finish. When we told him he made sure to make the take-home final shorter.) One piece of advice: DO NOT leave your Language Adoption research until 5 days before it is due. It takes more work than you might think.
  3. Soltan is a friendly, nice and interesting professor. He knows the subject very well. The subject is fascinating some days and dry on others. Homework assignments were often challenging and time consuming, but all the necessary information is in the notes or the text book. The grading system is very clear and very fair. An interest in the scientific specifics of language (not just the fascinating subjects of slang, acquisition, or creole) is recommended. As of now, it does not offer a core requirement.

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