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Islam & Middle East 1543-Preset

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Professor: Armanios

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  4. I knew very little about the history of Islam before taking this class and I am very glad I did. Everything I learned was interesting and valuable; my main area of interest is Renaissance Europe, so I'm glad I had the chance to learn about countries and a religion I don't normally encounter in my studies.
  5. Take this class. Interesting and relevant. I wish I had taken the time to meet with her outside of class because that is exactly what she wants from her students. She wants to talk to you about the class, and she wants to hear your opinions. Contribute a bunch during discussions. Very clear lectures/power points. Makes note taking easy. The text book is super dense but if you pay attention in class don't worry about reading it to thoroughly. There were two historical literature papers for the class. I was a little lost on how to approach those but she is isn't too harsh at all.
  6. Professor Armanios is amazing. Its a challenging class but if you do the reading and are willing to put in a lot of time with Professor Armanios it can be worth your time. I cannot stress how amazing Professor Armanios is. Deff take a class with her before you leave Midd. A B+ is a good grade, keep that in mind.
  7. Professor Armanios is great! She is so kind and always there to help you if you'll put in the effort to meet with her. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the material and very organized in her class lectures. Class was always interesting and there was always time to ask questions, which is nice when half of the terms are arabic! I learned more then I expected and feel as though now I can better understand how the Middle East came to be what it is today. Islam is a fascinating religon, but very complex. Armanios CLEARLY explains all concepts at least two times. The papers are fairly graded and she always would give us the topics at least a week and a half in advance, which allowed you to plan ahead. The midterm was very fair and not to trick you. The final was a take home creative essay! Armanios provides pictures, music and even movies to help you better understand the time period. THIS CLASS IS A MUST! A fair teacher with a love to teach!
  8. Take this class! The material is both important and interesting and Armanios is one of the best profs I've had on campus.
  9. I had heard so many great things about professor Armanios, so my expectations were very high going into the class. Sure, she is a wonderful person, very knowledgeable about her field and is a great facilitator of discussions. But personally, I just found her lectures hard to follow (her powerpoint presentations didn't do the trick for me) and I found her essay prompts very difficult to tackle, as they were very vague and extremely open-ended. Having said that, I feel I've learned a great deal from her course, and her critical comments on the essays were extremely helpful in making me think about the way I write.
  10. Not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about but Armanios is a first-rate teacher who loves to teach and bends over backwards to help her students. It is true that this is a challenging class and Armanios is a challenging professor. But there is no such rule that every student should get an A. We are in Middlebury afterall wher we are expected to be challenged!
  11. Armanios is a fun and interesting prof from afar... She is very scary to talk to in office hours and I felt dumb most of the time in this class. She is not the cozy type so don't expect a very supportive prof. She has really hard essay questions and demands A LOT from you as a writer. I would not take another class with this professor and don't ever wish to speak to her again
  12. Teacher: fantastic and nice. Class: OK. To be more specific, I thought we covered too much material in too little time. We never really went into depth with much, so I came out of the course knowing a lot of dates, etc but still not grasping the essence of Islam and its history. I wish she had focused on a handful of key events. Also, I also wished we had studied the religion itself more, but I guess this is a history class. Lastly, I agree that her paper topics are awful! Way too vague. And the exam, which was a paper, was equally annoying. All in all, she's super nice and friendly, but I would not take this class again.
  13. Great class, take it.
  14. Armanios is great, but she gives horrible paper prompts. She needs to work on that.
  15. Professor Armanios is an incredible facilitator of discussion

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