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Italian Renaissance

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Professor: Smith Abbott K

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  1. Take this class!! Every lecture was incredibly engaging and I learned a ton. Prof Smith-Abbott is incredible. One of my favorite classes at midd!
  2. One of the most exciting and fascinating classes I've ever taken at Midd. Hands down. The midterm and final were challenging but very fair, and besides that the workload was totally manageable. Take this class!!!
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  6. Professor Abbott is amazing! Definitely take this class if you can. Although there is a lot of material covered, she is very clear about what is expected on exams which makes studying simple if laborious. I really enjoyed learning all about the Renaissance and the art produced during this time. Professor Abbott is very comprehensive in her discussion of the art meaning that we weren't simply analyzing paintings, but learning about the painting techniques, history, and people involved as well. She is also very approachable and easy to talk to which is great considering there is a sizable paper at the end of the semester. I would love to take another class like this with her.
  7. Katy Smith-Abbott is a wonderful professor and person. She is truly a gem of a teacher, and she made even the most mundane subject matter come alive. If not this class, take a different one with her, or else you won't have made the most of your Middlebury experience.
  8. Professor Katy Smith Abbott is an amazing woman and lecturer. Her Renaissance class is a staple for anyone interested in Art History. My only criticism of her teaching style is that although she is very good at giving a survey of the main themes of the Renaissance, her classes tend not to be very discussion based, which detracts from the experience. Monumental works of the Renaissance deserve discussion. She is a fair grader, fair exam giver and fair all-around person. I would definately take this class if you are interested in art history and the Renaissance.
  9. Katy is terrific. Her lectures are dense and she has high expectations but you'll definitely feel prepared for the essays and exams. There is a fair amount of reading but you're never going to be quizzed on subject not on the slide sheets, which means you can cut down a lot of the excess reading.
  10. Prof. Smith Abbott is a great teacher. Her lectures were fascinating: I looked forward to going to class every day. She is also a very nice person and always more than willing to meet with students. However, her kindness does NOT make her an easy grader. I often found her grading style on exams to be unnecessarily harsh. If you forget a minute detail on an exam (such as the date of one painting), it is difficult to salvage a good grade. However, it is not impossible to do so. Overall, this class was fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone.
  11. Katy Abbott is really nice, but that does NOT make her a good professor. This class is basically a boring survey. Prof. Abbot lectures straight from the text everyday. There is no variation in how she teaches or presents the material. It is boring. By the end of the semester about half the class was skipping the lecture routinely. I would recommend taking anything but this. Also, she is a bitch of a hard grader... and she also thinks that students cheap... this is very insulting.
  12. Professor Abbott is the best professor I've had at Middlebury. Her passion of Renaissance Art is clearly demonstrated in this course. I would recommend it to anyone who's up for a fun class. The exams aren't too hard but do require a lot of memorization.
  13. Professor Smith Abbott couldn't be nicer. Her lectures felt more like story time rather than a constant barrage of facts as in some other cources. The exams cater to a variety of different learning stlyes. She is always available for discussion, whether it is about art or your weekend. Take this course.
  14. Katy Smith-Abbott is a wonderful teacher and person. Even at 8 AM, the class was never a bore. I would take it again if I could get credit.
  15. This is a phenomenal class for anyone interested in being exposed to some breathtaking Renaissance artwork! It's incredible how much material you cover in only a semester without it feeling rushed! Professor Abbott is so passionate and knowledgable about this class and truly sucks you in with her extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. Very laid-back class structure, and Abbott is very personable! Highly recommended!

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