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Linear Algebra

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Professor: Bremser P

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12+ hr (8.3%)

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Harder (33.3%)
Average (41.7%)
Easier (25%)

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Yes (90.9%)
No (9.1%)

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Evaluation Comments for Bremser P

  1. If you are accustom to learning math through a professor then DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. Professor Bremser is a very nice woman, but has decided the best way to teach is by handing out a piece of paper and saying go. She does not use a text book so all you learn is through that one piece of paper she gives you and frankly it is not enough content to practice the material. It was my worst academic experience. The only people who talk in the class are the people who have taken physics or are math geniuses and it is really discouraging to make mistakes in the class. In conclusion, she doesn't teach, makes you believe that grades aren't everything, and then goes and gives you a bad grade on the material you taught yourself. If you're not a physics major, I recommend you take a class with a textbook.
  2. The tests are a breeze and so is everything else in the class. Homework is a little tough because its mostly self taught without a textbook but Bremser is awesome at explaining tough concepts in office hours (not so good in class though). Overall learned a bit and bagged a sweet grade.
  3. No Comment
  4. No Comment
  5. Class could get boring, but she taught more through the homework than through the class lecture. Ms. Bremser didn't have time to show us many of the applications of linear algebra, but they're pretty amazing.
  6. Professor Bremser does an okay job of trying to keep the material intersting- but her lack of organization kills any chance the class has for being anything but boring. Homework is assigned that has nothing to do with what we learned in class, so then we spend the entire next class going over it, only to learn nothing and have homework assigned on it. The cycle repeats until you are very very lost. She is very helpful with office hours- I would suggest going to see her whenever you come across a question.
  7. At first you might think Bremser is nuts and out of control, but she is pretty good once you get involved in the class. She doesnt explain concepts that well at first, but if you stop her and ask her questions, she is great. Always available for extra time also
  8. Simply No work. No homeworks, no nothing. You dont even need to show up for the lectures, just do well in the exams. I sometimes laugh at how much I studied for the course.
  9. A word of advice, do not take this course with professor bremser. she is a nice person, but the class was soooo boring. you have to stugle to stay awake.
  10. The material is abstract and hard to grasp. Professor Bremser is an extremly nice preson, however the class was horribly boring and uninspiring. If you are into science you probably need to know that stuff, but I'm not sure if it's worth taking it at Midd.
  11. I was completely lost throughout this course. Avoid taking it if you can help it. Bremser was fine, it was the material that just sucked.
  12. Ms. Bremser explains the concepts of linear algebra clearly and with energy. I enjoyed the class, and would recommend her to anyone considering linear algebra.

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