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Linear Algebra

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Professor: Proctor, E.

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  3. Just ok. Prof. Proctor went over the comments pretty dryly and had trouble taking questions from students.
  4. I'm a math person, but I really didn't enjoy this class at all. Part of it was because of the material. But for the most part, I just don't like Emily Proctor's teaching style. She took definitions straight out of the textbooks. I'd rather her explains the concepts in her own words. She's nice and I'm sure she's smart, but she's just not a good at teaching.
  5. Emily Proctor is a good and very accessible professor. However, the concepts in this class are unlike any other math I have ever taken
  6. The class material is almost entirely theory and more than half the homework problems that she assigns are even. On top of this she almost never goes over homework in class so that can be annoying if you are used to learning through homework. But she is very nice and willing to help if you need it. If you are not big into theory and would prefer computation, go with another teacher though.
  7. Proctor is super nice, and tries very hard to make sure you understand the material. She's a good lecturer, however the tests aren't that easy.
  8. Very systematic class. Proctor was available to help and really made an effort to make sure her students understood the material. But again, math is math; if you hate math, you won't like any math class. I like math, and I liked the course.
  9. If you have to or just want to take Linear Algebra, I might go for another professor. Emily is incredibly nice and enthusiastic, but her lectures are very theory based with not enough examples and are sometimes confusing to follow. There is also not enough time to go over homework, which is legitimate because lectures are rushed as-is, but it can make learning the material frustrating at times. The tests are fair to difficult, and you MUST understand the theory to do well- some problems apply the information that you know, but are not explicitly problems you completed before. I learned a lot, though, and improved as the semester went on and I became more comfortable with the material. Do your homework and ask for help and you will be okay.
  10. emily proctor was really nice as a person, but i dont think she was a good teacher at all. we never went over homework problems, she said there was not enough time,and if you went to see her in office hours, she really couldnt explain them very well to you. the material she presented in class sometimes was not at all what was on the exams, which was frustrating. her exams were really hard, and she did not curve them at all, so it was really hard to do well in the class
  11. Emily Procter is a nice and smart teacher. She is always patient when you have questions. She will be better after she gains more experience.
  12. Prof. Proctor is really nice and has a little cartoon-like side to her. She reminds me of a college student herself and so a lot of people feel comfortable around her. There's a lot of material to cover, but if you keep with the homework and put some effort into it, it shouldn't be too hard. The exams are rather tough especially since she concentrates a lot on theory. So, make sure you understand your theory!!! If you are willing to work, you?ll get through this? hey, who said Linear Algebra would be easy?

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