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The Making of Europe

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Professor: Burnham, L.

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Evaluation Comments for Burnham, L.

  1. The material is so broad. Professor Burnham is not understanding. I participated in every discussion, went to every 8 am class, completed all the assignments, and got a low grade. You have no idea what she wants in the essay, but yet she still grades super harshly. A lot of the work, such as posting in a discussion group on moodle, and the readings are tedious. To be honest I feel like I barely learned anything. Do not take this class and do not take a class with this professor.
  2. Professor Burnham's standards for grading papers are very confusing. She is a very good lecturer, and topics that easily could have been boring were made relatively interesting. Tests were a bit of a challenge to study for- especially the chronological exercise.
  3. Professor grades very strangely. Tests were difficult to study for. Expectations could have been clearer.
  4. Grading is pretty tough but work isn't excessive and the classes are really interesting... she's a great teacher.
  5. Gotta love louisa, really passionate, slightly strange grader, but awesome nonetheless. Seriously, you just have to take a class with her at some point. As long as you're interested in religion and law, and above all medieval history, you will love her.
  6. Prof Burnham is a cool professor and I really enjoyed discussions, but her lectures were entirely scripted and boring. you also learn some of the more obscure history. I felt like we were learning the lame history in between the romans, and modern europe. Just ask yourself, do you really want to learn about the dark ages?
  7. If you took European History in high school than do not bother taking this class, we never even got any of our work back!
  8. She's really into history so the lectures usually aren't too boring. Compared with other professors, her test questions are random and she chooses inconsequential details rather than important concepts, as if she's encouraging you to study rote memorization rather than ideas, which I really disagree with. The biggest problem I had with the class was the fact that we never got to see any of our papers. I don't have a problem with the professor that grades harshly but can explain why before you write your next paper; Burnham doesn't do this. I wrote all my papers, including the essay on the final exam, without any idea as to how she graded my previous papers, and not even after the class had ended did she give back any of them. You do learn history in this class, and if you're interested in this particular period, you should consider it, but if you're not really into it, you might want to find a different history class.
  9. Professor Burnham's lectures were enthusiastic and entertaining. She has a theatric way of teaching that keeps the "audience" interested. This class was a bit easy, though. She is a generous grader, although her exams are much more difficult than all other assignments in the course. It's material worth knowing, and most of what you learn ties into other classes (I was taking International Studies at the same time, and some material conveniently overlapped). Great teacher, not a hard course, I recommend it!
  10. basic introduction to history. burnham tends to go on and on b/c sh'es so wrapped up in her stuff, and discussion was more like a mini-lecture, but there isn't a lot of work outside class. watch out for the chronological exercise on the exam, it's killer.
  11. This course is fantastic; amazing lecturer--if you're even slightly interested in medieval history, TAKE THIS COURSE
  12. Professor Burnham is a great professor but a hard and sometimes unclear grader. The workload is very manageable.
  13. The prof is awesome..really energetic and clearly passionate about what she teaches. The material is interesting and work load manageable.
  14. i enjoyed the discussion more than the lectures of power-points but prof. burnham is really knowledgeable and her papers are graded tough also the tests but if you pay attention and enjoy the material, you won't fail.
  15. Professor Burnham's enthusiasm may take some getting used to, but once you do, you will realize what an amazing lecturer she is. Discussions are always amazing, material covered is interesting, and overall if you take good notes and skim the reading you will get a good grade
  16. She's very lively in class. Essays are a pain to write because she never specifies what she wants.
  17. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Burnham tends to get sidetracked from the actual material. The lectures focus on primary sources, which are interesting but don't really help all that much with the actual historical events. I think the class loses out from not discussing anything from the textbook. Discussion was okay, Burnham would talk a bit too much, but it was interesting. Grading is rough - look out for the tests.
  18. Professor Burnham is a great professor. Lectures were always very interesting, but tended to be very focused. Be sure you read the text if you want to be prepared for the exams as her lectures do not cover all the material that she includes in the exam.
  19. Great outlooks, and assignment topics. Very thourough without being too much. The tests actively reflect the purposes of the Course.
  20. I truly loved this class. Prof Burnham is an outstanding lecturer even at 8am. Her lectures are focused, which is normal for history classes, which makes them interesting with specific details, but which also requires you to do the textbook reading for background info. The work wasn't too bad, 2 essays, midterm, and final. Most of the work during the semester is doing the primary source readings for discussion posts. At least for me it was really interesting to read the actual documents, giving insights into everyday life or refuting common notions of say, Luther's 95 theses. One thing that is annoying is that it takes her a LONG time to get back assignments. I think our midterm (no written essay) took a full month and I still haven't gotten back my second paper a month and a half later. This is a great class, great prof, great European history class. Take it.
  21. she is very enthusiastic, liked her. you can take this class however you want, if you love it as much as some people, you can really get a lot out of it. if you want to get by on the bare minimum, then you can, but you wnot bet the best grade, and wont learn too much. he paper grading is kind of tough.
  22. The amount of reading is reasonable (40 to 50 pages of textbook reading and a good amount of online readings per week). The course focuses on primary sources. The textbook is a secondary source, which makes the online readings and what we talk about in class very important. This is also nice because, in my opinion, the textbook is a bit hard to follow, as it jumps around a lot and covers so much time (this goes for the course as well, obviously, streatching from about 200 BCE to 1500. There are very few grades: two papers, a midterm, and a final, which is nice, but I found it slightly frustrating because when the midterm rolled around, I wasn't sure exactly how I should go about studying. Burnham is a very enthusiastic teacher who loves what she is doing. She is always buoyant and fun, but she talks a little fast and is sometimes hard to keep up with. I love history, but I think that the huge amount of time that this class aims to cover takes away from its quality to a certain extent.

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