[HIST 0103]
The Making of Europe

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Professor: Burnham, L.

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Boring (44.4%)
Average (44.4%)
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Easier (37.5%)

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Evaluation Comments for Burnham, L.

  1. DO NOT take this class. She is a super harsh grader, the content is super broad, never had any idea what was going to be on the tests, or what she expected from our papers. She also never acknowledged my emails. Bad class
  2. Completely terrible class. Never got any of our grades back, even a paper that was due in September.
  3. No Comment
  4. No Comment
  5. No Comment
  6. Great professor, and a fair paper grader.
  7. Prof. Burnham was captivating and had a great sense of humor. Make sure you check out the other listing for this class (under "burnham") and read all of the comments there. My only gripe was with the grading; Prof Burnham did not make her expectations clear for the essay assignments so make sure you get clarification as to what exactly she will be looking for in your papers.
  8. wow, do NOT take a class with Burnham at midd, particularly this class. the structure was just way too broad for us to get into anything. Furthermore, i don't think Burnham ever even graded the 2 essays (we never got them back) and her final was impossible. take it with someone else
  9. A lot of information in a very short amount of time. Tests are difficult. Professor Burnham is extremely passionate about the subject and her lectures are generally very eccentric and interesting.
  10. Love Burnham but her tests are much harder than she lets on BEWARE THE CHRONOLOGICAL EXERCISE its literally guessing which one is first...not fun
  11. Never take a class with this professor.

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