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Modern Art

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Professor: Hoving K

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  1. Hoving's exams do not test the student's understanding of Modern Art. Short answer questions were extremely specific and, thinking back, she probably wanted to grade the class on a bell curve, which is completely unfair considering how much studying and rote memorization her exams required. If you did not memorize every single thing you copied in class, you risked missing a couple of answers on the exam and if that didn't knock you down from A or A-, then her grading in the essay section at definitely did (which she definitely doesn't prepare the class for, nor does the textbook ever address). Exams were also too time consuming for the time alotted. Second, I advise you NOT to buy the expensive, huge book. I never used it for my exams (except, mistakenly, to study for the first exam), since her lectures (which involved a lot of her own, influenced take on the art) were all that mattered. Also, there are better books on art out there than the poorly written assigned book. All in all, I love modern art, Hoving didn't kill that or anything, but her class, I will always regret not complaining about when I was in it.
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  3. The class is valuable if you want to know what you're looking at when you enter museums. The textbook turned out to be too detailed and somewhat unnecessary on exams, but it's good for the coffee table. Exams were kind of challenging, and require a lot of last minute prep work, but she'll grade you fairly if you know what you're talking about. There are three exams (the last of which is cumulative) and two research papers, which aren't too bad. Weekly discussion questions were helpful but sometimes a challenge. Very important for exams. I'd recommend the class, but it wasn't quite as easy as I expected.
  4. This is a great class for anyone new to art history. Most of the paintings we covered are recognizable and there is a lot of information on them for paper research. The lectures were pretty good, but very formulaic. Discussions depend on the students, mine wasn't great. The reading and exam prep are very reasonable. Professor Hoving lets you know exactly what she is looking for on the exams. The essays are a lot of work, but enjoyable to write.
  5. Hoving is amazing! This has been my favorite class so far at Midd. The art covered is all of the essential art that you should know to hold an intelligent conversation about art. Hoving is great at giving basic information and then letting students add and expand on what she says. The quizzes are fairly easy if you do the readings and study the paintings, but she isn't very clear on what she wants for the essays, so it's best to ask her directly. Overall INCREDIBLE class and anyone who wants to walk into a museum with confidence should take it!
  6. I really like the way Professor Hoving restructured this class. There are 5 mini-quizes throughout the semester, each features only about 15-20 images so you really learn the material well for each one. Reading is necessary (unfortunately) but it is never too much. There is a cumulative final, which is slightly daunting, but she is very clear about which slides to study. You will cover a lot of material, all of it beautiful!
  7. Prof Hoving really knows her stuff. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who has ever gone to a modern art museum and told himself, "This isn't art."
  8. Kirsten is an amazing professor. This is one of the best classes I have taken at Midd. I learned a tremendous amount. There is a considerable amount of work, but not an overwhelming amount. She is always available for help. If you work hard, and put in effort, you will do well in the class.

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