[HARC 0101]
Monuments and Ideas

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Professor: Broucke P

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  1. I took this class to get history and Europe credit, and I guess to make myself a bit more culture. That being said, the class succeed at what I intended it to do. I enjoyed Broucke's lectures [if you take this class make sure to take is with Broucke, he's hilarious and very enthusiastic] - but I was very annoyed with the format of the midterm and final (the only tests) because in order to do well on them you have to memorize some 100 artworks for each test. Maybe that's necessary to understand art history, but it was a huge waste of time for me. I did, however, enjoy the 3 other paper/assignments. Overall, I'd say take this class if you need history or europe credit and you want to be more educated about art, but expect to have to do some hard studying to get a good grade.

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