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Monuments/Ideas in Western Art

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Professor: Broucke P

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  1. Take this class if you want an easy A. There are so many extra credit opportunities that could raise your final grade up to 3 points. I took AP art history in high school so most of the stuff we went over in class were repeats from last year but professor Broucke made it more tolerable. Tests are straightforward and easy if you're willing to pull an all nighter trying to memorize 100+ artworks, dates, and artists. We got a take home final this time which was the same format as the midterm. overall, an easy class with no daily hw.
  2. Peter Broucke is an amazing professor and great guy overall. He really knows his stuff about art history and makes it fun learning. I had never taken this kind of class before and he converted me into an art lover with a lot of good base knowledge. Class isnt too much work either, but you learn a lot. A couple group projects/essays that are easy to get through and two exams that are mainly memorization. I would really recommend this class if you want a change of pace, different topic, or want to learn about the history of art and architecture in the wester world!
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  6. dont
  7. Prof. Broucke is great professor. Hes smart funny and doesnt take himself to seriously. Whether your an aspiring art history major or just an interested student you'll enjoy this class.
  8. LOVE Broucke, great class.
  9. Interesting material, but the midterm and final are a bit stressful what with the memorization of dates for each piece of art. Overall good class and good professor.
  10. There is A LOT of material to be covered in this class (from 15000 BCE until now) and for both the Midterm and Final exams you are expected to memorize over 100 artworks. That said, Broucke is an awesome professor. VERY passionate about art history, at times he is hilarious, and extremely knowledgeable about everything he is teaching. There is little homework on average except for three papers and then the two exams. Definitely worth taking as a survey of western art history.
  11. If you are at all interested in getting a fundamental understanding of the spectrum of western art throughout history (Cavemen to Present) then this course will leave you feeling much more cultured. Broucke is the nicest guy out there and really knows his stuff. Lectures can get boring as they were after lunch and in a dark lecture hall. But grading is absolutely fair. You do not have to do the readings but to do well it is important to show up every class and take notes.

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