[MUSC 0230]
The Romantic Era

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Professor: Hamberlin, L.

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  1. This was such a fun class. Prof Hamberlin is really easygoing and knowledgeable, so the class is really relaxed. I gained such an exposure to music of the time and felt like I walked away with a better appreciation for that musical era as well as a better foundation for my theory. My one complaint would be that Prof Hamberlin doesn't give you the whole syllabus at the beginning of the course, so while you have some sense of the rest of the semester, it's not completely set. Really fun class though.
  2. This was a great class. The material speaks for itself, it was so interesting to learn about the origins of music that is still so present in our culture. Prof. Hamberlin is very knowledgeable and a really nice guy. The only critique I have is at times he is a little repetitive in his lectures or will repeat what you have already read about. Mostly the lectures are interesting and engaging though.
  3. Professor Hamberlin is such a fun, engaging guy, which enables him to be a great professor. My musical background prior to this class was mostly classical, and Hamberlin really opened my eyes to jazz and pop music. He is also very forgiving about deadlines and will always give you an extension if you need one. The class also helped me signifigantly with my theory. The only qualm I have with the class is that Hamberlin's lectures are the kind the you need to latch on to at the beginning. If you aren't listening at the beginning, it's really hard to jump in and learn something. But honestly a realy fun class.

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