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Music in the United States

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Professor: Hamberlin, L.

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Easier (66.7%)

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  3. Extremely interesting class! Hamberlin's lectures were rarely boring and usually included him playing the piano while the class sang. He covered most of the readings in his lectures so weekly work only consisted of listening to music. This was a very easy and relaxing course!
  4. Prof hamberlin is so awesome, loved this class, he was a bit disorganized this semester since he broke his hip but the class was great regardless. Almost no work but we did learn a lot
  5. Easy class that requires little background in music theory. Larry is a sweet guy, but he tended to start the class a couple minutes early and let us out about 5-7 minutes late every day, which was annoying. He tells you exactly what is going to be on the exams, which are easy but require a lot of memorization of terms and people. Overall, a good course with long but straightforward exams.
  6. This course is extremely straightforward and user friendly: the standards of evaluation are really clear and if you put in the time, you can be assured the grade you want because he basically tells you what's going to be on the test; it's just a matter of memorizing a lot of information. As far as the class is concerned, Larry is a great guy--super friendly--and he really makes some of the lectures. However, some of the lectures can be a little boring sometime. If you decide to take this class, you'll likely enjoy it. My advice would be to stay on top of the listening and reading, though, just to get the most out of the lectures and class over-all.
  7. The exams were difficult. It was pretty much about knowing the bolded terms and people, and being able to identify them when given the definition or description. Probably wasn't the best way to teach the course, as it lead to a lot of last cramming of words as opposed to understanding the music. Nonetheless, he's a very sweet guy and the lectures were interesting.
  8. If you are looking for an easy course, DO NOT take this course! The homework involved is relatively straightforward (weekly reading and journaling assignments), but the tests are ridiculous. He DOES NOT cover everything in class, in fact, he leaves much of the material to be learned on your own?which would be fine if it weren't so tedious (memorizing the names, composers and dates of more than 20 songs, plus over 90 terms not including names of significant individuals). If I had known this class would involve such mind-numbing tedium and mediocre lectures, I never would have signed up.
  9. Though this class at one point may have been easy, it is no longer so. Do not take this course if you are looking for something easy. The lectures regularly do not directly pertain to the readings, and the exams are extremely comprehensive. I would recommend taking this class only if you were seriously interested in America's musical history and even had background in music history. And while the professor is very clear and easy to follow, his lectures in this class aren't very lively, by any stretch of the imagination. If you can handle the study-load and the lackluster class time, then you might be alright taking this.
  10. great/ really easy class. the material is really interesting and the tests are really easy. hamberlin is also a really nice guy, except when he lets you out late (which is most of the time)

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