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Music Theory I: Fundamentals

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Professor: Buettner, J.

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Evaluation Comments for Buettner, J.

  1. Jeff Buettner is a great new teacher at Middlebury. Every now and then, a class gets wasted drumming or singing hai kus, the majority of classes are quite informative even to someone familiar with reading music. This class will give you a good foundation in music theory without requiring boatloads of work. Jeff's humor also makes the class quite fun!
  2. Wonderful course with a wonderful teacher! The music dept. is lucky to have acquired professor Buettner.
  3. I had prior experience with reading music and chords, so the material was mostly what I had already learned. The workload is not that much at all. I spent about twenty minutes before each class to complete homework assignments. You have to prepare for exams though. They are not hard, but they cover a lot of things.
  4. Buettner is a nice guy but is not inspiring. Also, the material of this course is not at all interesting. I signed up for the class hoping to learn music theory but most of the class ending up being focused on practical musical skills that do not matter to me.
  5. Jeff Buettner is a new teacher here at Midd. I felt his teaching skills could have used some work. His explanations of concepts were mildly clear, he often went on to teach things we didn't need to know. Otherwise, he is a friendly and very cheery guy, and the class atmosphere is nice. However, if you have a little experience with reading music, this course will be boring. For those without experience, it might be worthwhile. Preparation for me was about 45 mins a week, which just shouldn't happen. He makes it incredibly easy to get an A.
  6. This class was a bit of a review if you've ever played an instrument/know how to read music, but it was still interesting and informative. Jeff is a very fair grader and is always available if you need help. Sometimes I think he is too smart for his own good though, which makes explaining more basic concepts complex. He's also just a funny person to watch and mumbles bizarre things to himself all the time which is always enjoyable. Some people say the class is too chorally geared, as we did a ton of sight singing, but I think it was helpful. A good class with a light workload.

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