[ENVS 0112]
Natural Science and the Environment

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Professor: Ryan P

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Evaluation Comments for Ryan P

  1. Very average, dry lecture. Pete's a funny and good guy, but he's not great at presenting the material in an interesting way. That said, it's an easy A if you put the work in and you really don't even need to spend money on the textbook. Marc Lapin, the Lab prof, is a great teacher on the other hand. He incorporated some interesting meditation/contemplation exercises and he pushed me to think more deeply about the concepts we learned in lecture.
  2. Pete Ryan is the man.
  3. This was my favorite class. Professor Ryan is great. The labs are fun (the reports take a bit of time). Professor Lapin is great too.
  4. Great class if you want an introduction to geology. Labs are interesting and do not require intense reports. Yeah, don't buy the book.
  5. Learned quite a bit about environmental concepts, but lectures were often dry. The same style every day... powerpoint and constant lecture the entire course. Ryan is a good Prof and knows his stuff, definitely loves geology the most out of all the topics. A good intro to env science but not the greatest class atmosphere. Assignments are fair and managable.
  6. Pete's lectures can be annoying if you have previous experience with environmental science, but he can be really funny and is really helpful outside of class. Amy is great with labs. For an intro class required of the major, it's a good time. Don't buy the book, though, you will look at it maybe three times.
  7. This is a good intro course for someone with no knowledge of environmental science. Pete often gets distracted and veers into tangents during lectures. He's a geology professor, so expect to focus on geology. The lectures were often boring and filled with jargon, also often completely unrelated to readings.

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