[FYSE 1192]
Politics and Culture of the French Resistance

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Professor: Schwartz P

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  2. The subject matter was presented in an interesting light and class time was productive. Besides a few short papers throughout the semester, the reading was light and there was not much work. I would reccommend this course to anyone interested in the French Resistance.
  3. Schwartz has a great dry sense of humor, but the class isn't as engaging as it should be given the material. The class is organized on a thematic basis, so you don't really get the strong narrative of the French Revolution. Discussion based. Light workload. Not bad, but nothing special.
  4. I was happy with this seminar. At times, discussions did get a bit off topic, but overall the classes, readings, and movies were interesting.
  5. Professor Schwartz is an excellent professor with extensive background in the French Resistance. She has met many of the people discussed in the class and can answer ANY question you have about the French Resistance. She is amazing! A great seminar to start off your experience at Middlebury!

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