[PHYS 0201]
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

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Professor: Dunham J

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  1. No Comment
  2. This is a great class for both majors and minors, as well as anyone who is interested. The problem sets are massive, so don't try to start them Thursday night.
  3. First of all, Dunham is a good guy and, as noted in all the comments, very ready and willing to help. That being said, his classes are woefully boring consisting almost solely of mathematical derivations. His curriculum is far too math heavy and places almost no emphasis on the principles of relativity. Getting a good great isn't too difficult, but its mostly determined by your algebra and overall math ability. Problem sets are long, tedious and unhelpful. Pretty awful class overall, im not sure if its the professors or the curriculum's fault.
  4. Jeff was a great professor. Although some of the material got kinda boring at some points, he kept it pretty interesting with demonstrations. The only really hard part was the problem sets. We didn't really go over them in class and there were a lot of math problems that we didn't really ever discuss. Other than that I would definitely recommend this class.
  5. Good Class but very challenging material
  6. Be prepared to work if you take this class. The weekly problem sets are long, but Jeff is always available and happy to help. Material is very interesting as it challenges your intuition about how the world works. Great class, even better professor.
  7. Jeff is always available for help. The material in the class is quite interesting when Jeff talks about its application. The problem sets are quite tedious.
  8. Cool material, but Jeff Dunham gets a little too much into the math and derivations and not enough into the physics. The class gets really boring at times and it seemed like he repeated the same lecture multiple times. The problem sets are computation heavy - so you better have good algebra skills. I never felt like I really understood the material even though I did well. But on the flip side Jeff Dunham is really helpful and very smart guy.
  9. It's a tough class but Jeff is amasing and always ready to help!
  10. I enjoyed this class overall - my opinion of it improved over the course of the semester. The problem sets tended to be fairly long and sometimes tedious, but generally not that hard (fair warning - I'm a math major so your opinion of doing lots of algebra may be different). Tests followed essentially the same format as problem sets, just slightly easier (imo) with a time limit. Dunham is great at explaining difficult concepts, and he went into a lot of detail on deriving the various relativistic transformations (good for the most part, although deriving the same formula several times with different techniques seemed unnecessary). Definitely a fun course, not ridiculously hard but certainly not easy.

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