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Professor: Emerson, J.

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  1. Stat is a required course, and that's where it ends. No one takes it unless they have to. Emerson assigns long homeworks everyday, but concepts are truly easy. I had this course at 8 am, and I was able to space out for most of class and get an A.
  2. first of all emerson is an INCREDIBLY nice person. anyone who has ever interacted with him will surely concur he is however a terrbily boring and SLOOOOOw teacher the pace of the entire course was way too slow as he always has to make sure everything is 150% clear each class we would typically do just one example of anything OR one proof of any theorem, where another professor (a decent one of course) would have presented the theorem, proved it and rattled off a bunch of examples TWICE at least. i think i did pretty much all the learning on my own (from the textbook) in fact one guy in our class attended about 6 or 7 out of 34 of the semester's classes and i think he still did reasonably well. it didn't help that he usually spent the first 10 minutes takling about the weather or how the hockey team did last saturday or how he remembers his children running around middlebury he will ALWAYS ALWAYS help you out at his office hours, but he speaks SO INCREDIBLY slowly that it is SUCH a pain to go to his office for some help. if you really do have to go, be absolutely sure that you will be the ONLY person tehre. the book we used (and the material we covered) were too simple and i didnt feel sufficiently challenged homework was also inadequate for reinforcing concepts

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