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Structure of Poetry

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Professor: Parini J

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Not Much (16.7%
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Friendly (16.7%)
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1-2hr (83.3%)
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Harder (16.7%)
Average (16.7%)
Easier (66.7%)

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Yes (83.3%)
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Evaluation Comments for Parini J

  1. Very nice, funny professor. Class is incredibly easy work wise. Plays favorites though, so the A's are reserved for them.
  2. No Comment
  3. Parini is a riot. What a crazy guy. But he loves poetry and tells it like it is when it comes to critiquing your work. Not challenging by any means, but a great fourth class and a lot of fun.
  4. Amazing class and amazing teacher. You only write 6 poems for the semester, no papers or exams. Parini is the man too, he is hilarious and also very smart.
  5. This class had essentially no work-we just had to write a poem every other week and read/comment on everyone else's. Parini is not only a great writer, he's also incredibly funny and encouraging. However if you're looking for a lot of structure, you won't find it in this class.
  6. I believe Parini designed the class to permit a lot of time for the writing of good poetry; it is up to you whether you would like to use the time to spend hours perfecting your work. Few of the students in my class were English majors. In fact, I was surprised to find out that a majority were student athletes from the hockey and lacrosse teams. I take writing seriously and I have to say that, despite the lack of English majors, experience in creative writing among the students, and genuine passion for the craft, the class turned out to be incredibly rewarding. All of the students learned to write poems (a hard thing to do) and they improved. Parini is incredibly knowledgeable. His personal stories and comments on student work made me laugh every class. If you have never written a poem before or can use the time to edit your work (and take advantage of an opportunity to meet with an extremely approachable and great writer), this class is for you.

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