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Studio Art I

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Professor: Butler, J.

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Evaluation Comments for Butler, J.

  1. Jim is wonderful, though a bit odd. I found his assignments frustrating occasionally but they definitely helped me in my drawing. Jim is THE guy to take studio art with.
  2. This class was too basic and frustrating for someone who's taken art before. Butler is a totally cool guy and such a character, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. He pushes you to test your boundaries but the open-endedness of all the assignments actually made them difficult and felt incompatible with intro level of the class. I guess it depends on how you work. Some assignments were thought-provoking and exciting, while others were just way stupid and pointless. My art skills didn't improve at all from the class, but I did learn to push myself past what I was comfortable with. You should only take it if you're intending to do the advanced art classes though; it's a waste of time otherwise.
  3. Jim Butler's great--extremely knowledgeable with an eccentric & awesome personality. I actually didn't love his class at first because it felt like he was giving us weird and random assignments just for the sake of it, and I had no idea how to approach them. By the end I learned that he just wanted us to be thoughtful and put some guts and effort into our work. Sounds kinda obvious but his assignments were so different from anything I'd had to do before that I was lost for most of the class. I didn't realize until the end how much he wants us to take advantage of our "artistic freedom". That's my only real critique of his teaching...obviously art assignments are objective but more guidance in terms of how to do them and how he judges the work (effort vs. skill vs. conceptual etc.) would have helped me. If you forget about technicalities and simply push your ideas and push past your boundaries in terms of what you're willing to explore (e.g. how would you represent yourself as a sexual being? yep that was one assignment.) you'll do fine. However, I would not recommend taking the intro studio art classes (159/160) unless you really want to take the upper-level classes in photography, oil painting, etc. It's just not worth it if you've taken art before and already know the basics of drawing and painting.
  4. Jim is the guy. He is AWESOME.
  5. If you want to get better at drawing, and have a really quirky professor who likes talking about physical injuries and surnames, then take this class. It's fun, he's super easy to along with and I'm loving it.
  6. Jim Butler is awesome. His way of teaching art is a little different, but if you are willing to commit to it, he can help you make great leaps and strides. He is also a complete character. Highly recommend taking this course if interested in the major, or if you just want to have some fun. Allows and encourages alot of artistic freedom.
  7. Table line forever and 60 feet away from the knowing of how essence square. Amazing class, Jim Butler is incredible, hilarious, so much fun during class discussions, the most I have ever bonded with a single class, super cool skill to have learned take it no matter if you are science or a politics person with no draw to art.
  8. Take drawing with Jim. He will provoke you to question even the most basic assumptions you have of art--like what a line should look like.
  9. This intro class is too basic. It's painful if you've already done a lot of art, but it's required if you want to take more advanced art classes. Only take it if you want to keep taking art classes becuase it's not worth it unless you get to take some of the cool classes afterwards.

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