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Studio Art I

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Professor: Klein H

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  2. I really enjoyed this class. I took art through high school as well, so I came in with experience. At first it was a little boring because we started with such basic technique but you improve so much just because of all the practice and feedback you get. Also, Hedya really cares that her students improve and is always available for help outside of class.
  3. Hedya grades differently than most professors. Even though I had strong drawing skill sto begin with and produced great pieces she gave me a low grade because I "didn't show improvement." Classes also get repetetive after a while. Too much time spent drawing boring still lifes.
  4. Really good class. I learned so much about different techniques. Hedya is also a very good professor. She is available and engaging, although she did not always give helpful feedback or really push students.
  5. be ready to spend a massive amount of time to do some of the most tedious and time consuming artwork. Klein sometimes would ask you to draw one thing from 15 different angles. you really have to like art in order to tolerate the class
  6. The class had A LOT of work. professor's standards were very high. Kids who worked for only like 30 minutes got the same grades as kids who worked for hours. Pretty much everyone in the class got A-s, even the best.
  7. Art is AMAZING! You don't even need any experience to enjoy and do well in this class. Hedya is awesome and she'll help you out with whatever you need help with. Just remember to do your homework! and bring your own music to class.
  8. This class is intended for students who either a) want to take higher-level art courses or b) lovelovelove to draw. If that isn't you, watch out -- the material is rather boring and the classes can get tedious after half a semester. This is about learning how to draw realistically, not creatively (at least until the last few weeks). There are probably more exciting ways to get an ART credit, if that's all you're interested in. Hedya is a little spacey -- she often told us to use techniques we hadn't learned -- but explains well when pressed. What's best about her is that she's a very fair grader. The grade is based on improvement and use of techniques covered, not on talent, so kids who knew how to draw well already and put little effort in got worse grades than the ones who had no idea what they were doing but followed directions and tried very hard. Klein also really welcomes creativity and critical thinking, so if you can bend (but not break) the rules of assignments, you'll do well and have more fun. Be prepared to work a LOT, though.
  9. The point of Art 159 is to teach you the technical and mental skills you'll need to take higher-level art classes. So if you're taking this course, you'd better a) want to take more art classes at Midd, b) love drawing even when the subject matter is dull, or c) both! The class can definitely be tedious if you aren't really invested. After several weeks of still lives, everyone is bored, and then after a few weeks of models, they're bored again. The upside is that you learn how to draw, both with regard to actually making marks on the paper and learning to see what's in front of you in the way that will allow you to successfully translate it onto the page. If you listen to everything Hedya says, take her suggestions, and deliberately move out of your comfort zone, you will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are better at drawing than you were at the beginning of the semester. That's the catch -- Hedya doesn't care if you've got ?talent.? If you finish the semester making drawings of the same quality as at the beginning, you will get a bad grade. It's about improvement, and everyone can improve, no matter their experience or talent. If you're a serious art student, don't think you can coast here because you took drawing classes in high school and gotten A's, because you can't. Hedya expects to see visible improvement, incorporation of skills covered in class, and effort ? lots of effort. Assignments routinely took more than 8 hours (goodbye Saturdays), but it was worth it for the grade on my transcript and the skills I was able to bring to my other art classes later on. If you?re interested in this class for the ART requirement, know that it will be a major draw on your time. As a teacher, Hedya has her strengths and weaknesses. Though the Midd art department is notorious for its mildly insane professors, Hedya definitely takes the space-case cake. She?s disorganized, and sometimes tells you to do things to your drawing she hasn?t taught the class how to do. But if you ask her to clarify, she?ll happily oblige. She?s good at explaining concepts but sometimes needs to know they require explanation. It can be frustrating because she forces you to dwell on techniques that seem irrelevant, but by the end of the semester it?s easy to see how each skill built upon what came before. Assignments are pretty standard and rather dull, but the midterm and especially the finally are much more open and imaginative. The final is your chance to show how you can use what you?ve learned to make actual artwork.

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