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Studio Art I

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Professor: Nelson

Value of Course / Overall Score

Not Much (35.7%
Average (14.3%)
Valuable (50%)


Friendly (14.3%)
Average (50%)
Competitive (35.7%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (57.1%)
Average (42.9%)
Fascinating (0%)

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1-2hr (0%)
3-5hr (0%)
6-8hr (30.8%)
9-11hr (53.8%)
12+ hr (15.4%)

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Harder (46.2%)
Average (0%)
Easier (53.8%)

Adequate Assistance

Yes (76.9%)
No (23.1%)

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Yes (42.9%)
No (57.1%)

Evaluation Comments for Nelson

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  4. Eric is a lot of fun and is always encouraging! Take the class!
  5. Nelson was very instructive and was especially great for total beginners. He didn't expect people to have any previous knowledge which was great for beginners but frustrating for those who had take art in high school.
  6. Eric is a rather poor teacher.
  7. He won't let you sit down or draw horizontally... I think that says it all.
  8. I had never taken a drawing class before, and Professor Nelson does a pretty good job at covering all the basics in a class where you have both experts and novices like myself. However, my only complaint is that his expectations for the class are formed by the experts. If you haven't ever drawn seriously before, you can expect to work very hard and still only get a B+. Drawing talent is a must in order to get an A- or higher.
  9. Eric was pretty boring and I learned very little from the class. The way he ran the class left very little space to explore your own styles. His assignments often became repetitive and boring.
  10. Eric Nelson is an amazing teacher. One of the best art courses I've taken at Middlebury.
  11. he is an [email protected]$h^&*
  12. This class could be interesting, but Mr. Nelson lectures for half the class and doesn't let you work. Also, grading is quite bizzarre and hard to figure out. However, the material really helped for future art classes. Although a bit painful, I'm really glad I took it in the end.
  13. This class is too basic to be really good, but it's required if you want to do any other (better!) art classes. The color wheels are painful, but it's not so bad. We should be able to skip it if we've had art in high school because it's sooooo basic! Don't take it unless you have to so you can take the more advanced (college level) art classes.
  14. Eric is helpful, and generally a nice guy, but his class is somewhat boring. If you have had an art class before you have probably covered much of the technique he presents. As someone noted above, he lectures half of the class, and doesn't let you work. He also gives long homework assignments, and his grading scale is very strange. That said, he is flexible with the interpretation of his assignments, which is very nice.

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