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Studio Art II

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Professor: Klein H

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  3. Klein was overly critical and definitely picked favorites. The projects were tedious and boring. Klein was not very understanding and was very inconsistant. I feel I could have learned a lot more and really enjoyed the class had it been taught by someone else
  4. This class really is what you make of it. Professor Klein has a lot of innovative ideas and creative projects in mind, and she lets you do what you want with them. She really opens up the door for you get down and dirty with your artwork. We didnt spend much time learning technique, so if you are really new to art, you may want to take Studio Art I first, but at the same time, Professor Klein will give you individual assistence if you need it. The small assignments are less interesting, so i didnt spend that much time working on them, but the midterm and final projects were very good, and thats where I put in hours and hours, even a couple all nighters to get them perfect.

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