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The Art and Era of Andy Warhol

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Professor: Hunisak J

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  1. Prof. Hunisak is a great guy. Hard grader, and demands alot in writing... but, this makes you a better student. The subject matter was fantastic. We read absurd books about Warhol, the factory and the crazy art scene of the 60's and 70's... If you are conservative minded i wouldnt reccomend this class.
  2. Very engaging look at Andy Warhol's art and the culture of the 1960s and 70s. Professor Hunisak is a wealth of knowledge on Warhol and art in general and the discussions were lively and engaging. Professor Hunisk is also a very good writer, which means he expects good writing from this students.
  3. While Warhol's life is fascinating, an entire semester spent focused on just this topic, including extensive research and 3 hours of lecture weekly is too much. The class is not taught with much variety, and while he strives to help you improve your writing, his comments are often unclear and difficult to learn from.
  4. Very very tough grader. He will tear your writing apart. I like to hope that this made me a better writer and student overall. Professor Hunisak is a great guy. He is really funny and knows a ton about Warhol. The class is fascinating. If you aren't to worried about your GPA I definitely recommend taking this course. One of the better classes I have taken at midd but really challenging.
  5. You will walk away from this course knowing pretty much everything you might want to know about Warhol. Hunisak does know what he's talking about, and the fact that he's personally spent hours scouring the Warhol Archives shows that he is dedicated to the material. However, after a full semester the whole thing tends to head towards overkill and I found it to start getting repetitive and boring. Hunisak is a very tough grader and his standards for papers can be frustratingly high. The readings are good and the topics are interesting but it can be very hard to tolerate.
  6. the subject and the materials are very interesting though the atmosphere in class and the way the class was lead were not very inspiring.

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