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The Creative Process

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Professor: Campbell P

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Not Much (46.7%
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Friendly (33.3%)
Average (33.3%)
Competitive (33.3%)

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Boring (86.7%)
Average (13.3%)
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1-2hr (53.3%)
3-5hr (33.3%)
6-8hr (13.3%)
9-11hr (0%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (46.7%)
Average (0%)
Easier (53.3%)

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Yes (86.7%)
No (13.3%)

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Yes (60%)
No (40%)

Evaluation Comments for Campbell P

  1. take this if you want to add something light to your course load. Try to keep up on the journals, she takes them seriously and if you put them off until the night before it sucks, trust me.
  2. It was crazy, we did all sorts of weird stuff. you draw, build stuff, do dances, she'll think of interesting stuff for you to do.
  3. This class was an insult to the academic credibility of Middlebury College. If Dean Tim Spears or Ann Hanson stepped foot in the studio to observe one session, this class would be immediately removed from the catalog.
  4. Penny ROCKS! I am so glad that I took this class. OFFERED ONLY TO FRESHMAN AND SOPHMORES SO TAKE ADVANTAGE!This class saved me from the usual stress of middlebury.do your journals though or you'll kick yourself at the end. Penny takes those serious.
  5. Make sure not to slack off on those papers or journals. She's very smart and she'll know when you're bullshitting.
  6. Every student at Midd should take this class. We have all grown up in a structured education system that has taught us to focus on the product, never the process. This class reminds us that we can be creative. This class also helped me feel more comfortable performing in front of people and helped me to gain confidence in my own work. Great class! Great professor!
  7. I actively disliked this class. I took it to get an easy A but there was a ton of bullshit assignments and she graded harder than I thought she would. I didn't learn anything more than the difference between L-mode and R-mode thinking and the class became painfully repetitive. I would absolutely NOT recommend this class. If you are looking for an easy A take acting or an American Studies course.
  8. From what I've heard, Penny is the worst teacher to take this class with. She claims you can't grade work done in this class because it is subjective, but then she slaps a B- on everything. She is really strange and picks favorites in each class. I didn't like her at all (and I'm a theatre major). I recommend the course but not with Penny.
  9. Okay. So Penny is totally out there. I took the class because I thought it would be easy. DON'T TAKE THIS CLASS FOR THAT REASON! While the work is not challenging, it does require a lot of time. I complained about the class all semester, and then I ended up doing fine grade wise. This class is a good class to complement reading intensive classes but don't fool yourself into thinking it won't be time consuming.
  10. This class is not worth your time. You do nothing more than scribble in a note book and talk about how trash should be organized. Take something that you are interested in. This is not worth the time and you will feel like you have wasted your time.
  11. Creative process is like no other class you've ever taken before. If your looking for an 'easy' class take this one! You will get an A if you stay on top of the journals. This class is FUN, has LITTLE WORK, lets you DOODLE for most drawing assignments, and JUMP AROUND the rest of the time. Don't be afraid to act stupid and get into the activities
  12. This class presents a few interesting points, but is, on the whole, relatively useless. Make sure you don't let the journals pile up; do them when they're assigned or you'll have an awful day or two before they're due.
  13. Definitely more work than I expected it to be but overall a great class. While the work was time consuming, it wasn't difficult and most of the time I actually found it fun! (for what other class do you get to destroy things weekly) definitely keep up with the journals and allow yourself to get into the class. very worth it to take to make a normal courseload more enjoyable
  14. This is a great class to let loose in; do be prepared to make something of it, however, and don't be startled if you find yourself speaking in gibberish.
  15. CP is a very very unique class. It involves more than just drawing or coloring but is actually introducing a whole new type of thought process. Should be an easy A, make sure you take care of your work though. You must be comfortable with yourself, not afraid to dance or sing in front of people, but if you are comfortable, it can be a great experience

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