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The Creative Process

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Professor: Rhynard, T

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  3. This class is a wonderful chance to de-stress while learning about how humans work through experience. What you put into this class is what you'll get out of it, and you will become very comfortable with your classmates. Tiffany is very fun and will push you to go beyond your comfort zone. If you are looking for a rewarding class that challenges you to try new things, take this class. Journal writing is a huge part of your grade, so be prepared to spend a lot of time writing.
  4. Take Creative Process, and take it with Tiffany! You have to be willing to invest in the work and suspend your doubts about "artsy" stuff, but it's easy to do in that atmosphere. Put a lot of yourself into the class and especially into the journal and you will get a LOT out of it.
  5. Creative Process is great for non-artsy students, especially if the rest of your course load is really tough/stressful that semester. Take it with Tiffany, if you can! It's definitely a class that you get out as much as you put in, kinda thing.
  6. Self-exploration and talking about yourself while playing games that depart from societal norms - what more could you want. It definitely challenges where emotions should fall in education, but Tiffany does a great job of probing and helping students to open up. Trust it and you will grow. Do think this is a joke class, you do have to take risks and take is seriously to do well, which will only help you personally in the long run.

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