[ENAM 0117]
The Modern Short Story

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Professor: Cohen R

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Evaluation Comments for Cohen R

  1. Unfortunately I didn't do many of the readings on time for class, so it wasn't as valuable to me as it could have been. Even so, Cohen discussed the readings in ways that I would never before have considered, which made everything very interesting. But, again, if you don't do the reading (which a lot of people didn't) the calss won't be that great. Fair enough grader. Not a difficult class.
  2. cohen is amazing, and always willing to help. His lectures flow like Joyce's prose, and he is hilarious. In my mind, he is the man.
  3. This is not an enjoyable class
  4. This is a very very very fun class. It probably wouldn't have been fun if I hadn't done the reading though. So keep up with that. You'll read these stories and say to yourself "yeah, that's a pretty good story" and then you'll go to class and Cohen will say crazy, insightful things that you never thought to think about. Keep up with the reading journal, it makes your life easier, but don't worry about it too much because it's not a grade by itself. The class can be a bit big which kind of sucks, but it's good anyway.
  5. This class was great! Cohen is an awesome professor, and lectures were always very interesting. The class was not demanding at all, and the workload was light. He is a VERY fair grader, and makes good comments on your papers. Definitely take this course if you need a "lighter" fourth class to even out a schedule. You don't have to read all the stories, but the stories he assigned were usually great reads!

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